More on Chaos at the White House

Yesterday I mentioned the White House insider, someone who is now against Obama and leaking info to the blogger DW Ulsterman.

He sends an urgent heads up this morning. The article below this one discussed Obama’s absence today and the absence of spokesman Jay Carney. This excerpt tells more:

Got word an all-call went out at the WH A.M. today.

That means they are doing what’s called “huddling”. Has to be related to the Benghazi news now hitting. Have good source in Chicago saying their office is acting very odd today as well. Can’t say if this will break out all the way now, but we are getting very close to an all out WH red alert scenario. Not there yet but very close.

Significant activity from Ruemmler’s office over the last 24.

In this situation there will likely be 1 of 2 responses from WH.

-Highly controlled briefing response. Attempt explanation, then hope story gets buried over weekend and race to election day.

-Announced resignation of someone inside administration. President apologizes for mistakes by some in his administration. That deal could be under negotiation at this very moment.

Second scenario not as likely. Not yet. But the Ruemmler activity makes me believe there’s more damaging information out there to the administration on Benghazi than has already come out today. They are trying to assess what will and will not get out to determine response. To have a potential scandal of this magnitude so close to an election is unprecedented. Priority for them will be to insulate the president. Got to try and cut that off. Get someone inside go public and point the finger at Obama.

Now I do what I do best.

The Ruemmler mentioned is Kathryn Ruemmler, White House counsel.

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