For Cuomo, a Launching Pad?

When you look at the Democrat field for the next presidential race, the pickings are pretty slim. There are only two so far who look promising: Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York and Mayor Cory Booker of New Jersey. Hillary? Now she’s too old and saddled with Benghazi gate. Biden? His gaffes are finally catching up with him. Someone in the Senate? Well, they haven’t covered themselves in glory.

Cuomo is one who might actually have a chance. Now with this hurricane, he may figure he’s got a chance to shine.

Ever since Hurricane Andrew, which made President Bush 41 look detached and uncaring, weather has been a political event. It ruined the career of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and damaged Governor Kathleen Blanco so badly that she lost the election to Bobby Jindhal. President Bush got caught in its crossfire as well, even though he had warned days ahead for residents to get out.

Cuomo may hope he shows his stuff and handles it well. Looting may be a big problem for him, but he might lay some of this off on Mayor Bloomberg. If he succeeds in responding well he may very well grab the brass ring.

You can bet his dad, former governor Mario Cuomo, would like him to try for the Oval office. Mario always thought he should have been a candidate. Now it’s sonny’s turn.

For my part, I believe Chris Christie will be the one who is outstanding in this emergency. But, as a Republican, he has lots of good competition for the race after the Romney era.

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