Congrats, Dems, the Fraud Continues

Shelby County Democrats succeeded at last in reversing the law on voter IDs. Yesterday the state Supreme Court gave them and fraud a boost by allowing Memphians to use a library card as a valid ID to vote.

What’s next? Kroger plus cards? Costco or Sam’s membership cards? A free ice cream card for your birthday? How ridiculous will it get?

When you purchase dry ice in this state you must show a drivers license. Dry ice! But the right to vote that our ancestors fought so hard to get us and to preserve for us, is not as important as denying a minor dry ice. What a travesty!

This fight shows that we’re experiencing a profound dumbing down of our society. Persuade enough people that everyone and anyone – any age, any mental state, any prison record, any immigrant, just visitors, children – deserves a say in our elections and you’ve got lots of new voters. All you have to use is the kindness approach. It’s couched as cruel to ignore anyone’s right to vote.

It’s been working well for Democrats, supported by churches that preach social justice and media that turns a blind eye to the Constitution. Throw in schools that take a billion dollars a year in this county to operate but can’t graduate people who can read and you’ve got a malleable electorate. Just what they want.

We’re in dangerous territory for the republic.

Tennessee legislators the ball is in your court. Outlaw library IDs as voter worthy. If not, they’ll move on to the next travesty.

Why doesn’t the state Supreme Court see this? Probably

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