Pray for Victory at 11 a.m.

Here is a request from a website (DW Ulsterman) that I think is worth doing:

I am now going to ask a favor of every single one of my readers – and to then have each of you ask those you know of to do the same so that by tomorrow, thousands upon thousands of us are sharing in a prayer that it is God’s Will Mitt Romney is America’s next president. That Governor Romney be granted both the safety and the wisdom to lead this country during this time of such hardship for so many.

Even those of you who do not personally subscribe to a belief in such faith, I ask that you simply produce your own thoughts of hope, and in doing so, those hopeful thoughts will join with our hopeful prayers. There is power in that – I truly believe it.

I am setting aside Noon (eastern) tomorrow for my own prayer that Mitt Romney, and America, be victorious on Tuesday. I welcome all of you to join me at this time to do the same.

Set your clock or have some other reminder and do it! Catholics can say a rosary. For us, there is no more powerful prayer.

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