2010 Never Happened

As I read the newspaper and look at certain polls or listen to liberal media types, I begin to wonder if we inhabit alternate universes.

Did I hallucinate and only dream that the GOP won back the House with some 60 plus seats in 2010, plus governorships of Virginia and New Jersey in 2009, a Senate seat in Massachusetts and overwhelmingly capture state legislatures? Was I the only one who saw angry people fight Obamacare and confront their legislators? The only one to marvel at the long lines of people coming out in support of Chick-fil-A? The only one who saw people respond to Clint Eastwood at the RNC convention by putting out empty chairs on their yards on Labor Day?

The rot is so deep in the media, that they can’t see the truth when they stumble over it. The media has completely forgotten all of that, so in love are they with Obama. The polls they point to with excitement all use the model of the 2008 election with Democrat advantages of plus 5, plus 7, plus 9. They don’t stop to ask themselves how these models failed to present themselves in 2010. Do you think we feel any differently now?

It’s amusing to look at today’s newspaper with these headline howlers: “Better Off 4 Years Later? A Mixed Bag of Answers” (income down, employment down, businesses closing; the bag has a hole in the bottom); “3rd Party Hopeful May Hurt Romney” (quick, can you name who they’re talking about?); “Bill Clinton Works Hard for Obama” (hard knifing him in the back); “We Must First Admit Our Race Bias” (so biased we elected a black man president); and “No Matter Who Wins, Let’s Unite” (Otis Sanford only means it if it’s Obama).

But the best one of all is this: “A Win Can’t Change GOP Path to Ruin.” In your dreams! So deep are they in the muck that they’re telling us victory is bad. They even pull out this gem and enlarge it: “This year’s conflicting circumstances mean that…either Obama or Romney can yet win.” As opposed to…? Carl P. Leubsdorf of the Dallas Morning News would have us believe that Romney will take us back in time to another century and can never get minority votes. I guess that’s why we have Marco Rubio in Florida, Gov. Susana Martinez in New Mexico, soon to be senator Ted Cruz in Texas, and ahead-in-the-polls Mia Love in Nevada.

Oh, there’s the usual keening about the bad economy Obama inherited and how we’re disliked around the world because we are Americans in his article. There’s the fear that Romney would take us back to times when women had few rights, i.e. couldn’t get abortions. Mr. Leubsdorf, did you notice women are flocking to Romney, by the way?

The article reminds me of one written by Zack McMillin in July 2010, also on the front page of the Commercial Appeal, how Republicans were going to lose big in the August elections. We went on to sweep almost all the city wide races.

The media has conveniently forgotten that we heard Obama when he said “you didn’t build that.” We didn’t like that. They refused to tell us that just the other day Obama told us “voting is the best revenge.” We ask revenge for what? We’re not supposed to notice that Greece and Europe are closer than ever to anarchy as their economies collapse. Or that the attack in Libya was not caused by a YouTube video as Obama told us, but allowed to happen by the president.

Funny enough, American people don’t and haven’t forgotten these things. You may have, but we haven’t. Time to man up, media. Time to put on your glasses and look at the real world, not the one you manufactured.

2010 and all these things did happen and 2012 is about to, too.

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