The Big Day!

Some random thoughts about the day we’ve all anticipated for the past four years.

My polling place at Central Christian Church in Midtown had a line out the door at 7:30. The line wrapped into the building, down a hall before coming to the registrars’ desks. It took about half an hour to vote, but this was admittedly at one of the busiest hours of the day – before work.

Not much on the ballot. President and senator, of course, but for our precinct and the tax questions, but the only local representative we could vote for was Democrat John Deberry for state house district 90 and he was unopposed.

Today I will not watch any news outlets until the evening. In the afternoon they will want to bombard us with exit polling information. If you believe that is worthwhile, how did you like the President Kerry years? There is no point in speculation. Anything they tell us now is dubious because it is too early to know facts yet. I am saving myself a lot of stress by ignoring exit polls and pundits.

Once the vote begins to come in, there is danger there, too. In Ohio, it is expected that the Democrat counties will come in at first and discourage Republicans. Don’t fall for it. You have to wait til the end for the truth.

There is also a rumor that this afternoon the Obama people will try to declare victory. It’s a typical Democrat trick to suppress the vote. Again, don’t fall for it. They had some success with this in Florida in 2000, remember? Many people in counties on Central time just gave up and turned from the polls. They nearly got what they wanted in Florida by doing this.

I have to interject that I think Mitt Romney ran a great campaign. He refused to get in the mud when Obama tried to drag him down with Bain capital nonsense, accusations of responsibility in a woman’s death and even Big Bird. Romney showed a lot of character by skirting all that and focusing on the economy.

I’m surprised Obama didn’t use the Mormon card, especially as his numbers declined this fall. I don’t credit him with high standards, however. He probably didn’t want to touch that lest the Reverent Wright and his black salvation theology got tossed back at him. I’m glad we were spared having to hear stories about Mormon underwear.

Since the debates began I have been struck by the optics, as they say, have been so profound. Romney looked and looks presidential in every campaign stop. He dresses the part, carries himself well and seems optimistic. Week by week Obama looked diminished. He never looked happy, made smart aleck quips, wore his jacket and open shirt. You could almost watch him fading.

We’ll see later how this all turns out. Someone is going to be surprised. I hope it is not us.

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