The Nightmare Begins

Now that Obama will have unbridled power for four years without any problems about reelection, he will let loose and turn the United States into the country he wants it to be.

He also has a Senate to work with him, and soon a Supreme Court after he appoints ultra liberal justices. He already has the media, so he can toy with them as he pleases.

So what can different parts of society expect for their nightmare?

First, the American consumer. We were already facing a bad harvest and inflated prices. You can expect to pay increasingly large amounts of money for the basics. And remember how candidate Obama promised that the price of energy would “necessarily skyrocket”? Gas has come down recently, but without the Canadian pipeline or any more drilling you can look at astronomical costs for a gallon of gas. By the way, its dipping before the election? That wasn’t luck or good policy.

Taxpayers, aka 50% of us. The only way is up. The other 50% will need taking care of and, guess what, wage earners – that’s you! They won’t see money cut off just because of that silly little deficit thing. You can tax the very wealthy all you want, but you won’t get enough to cover more than eight days of our spending sprees. The majority will have to come from you Mr. and Mrs. Middle Income.

Business. Rules and regulations and taxes are about to rain down on the small businessman in ways he can’t imagine. The goal, you see, is to have the government running everything. Many will lose family enterprises that go back generations. They will be unable to stay afloat.

Medicine. Obamacare has no hope of repeal now. Doctors, you’re screwed. If you are old enough, you can get out and retire. Otherwise you might as well work in a government clinic. Of course, doctors will be scare, because no one will want to go through the agony and expense of medical school only to take a job in government service.

Retirees. Medicare has been gutted and it won’t be put back. Instead, you can expect care to be much less and it will be rationed. Remember those death panels? Obama’s main health advisor admitted just a few weeks ago in the New York Times that they would have to be instigated.

Generation X, Y, Whatever. Welcome to debt world. You’ll never be able to dig out of the debt Obama has put on you. Somebody’s got to pay it and who better than healthy young people who, by the way, owe their schooling and jobs to Uncle Sam.

Israel. God help you. Obama won’t. His consigliere Valerie Jarrett has already been huddling with the Iranians. Having been born there, Jarrett’s inclinations lie more with them than you despite all the campaign rhetoric. If Obama wouldn’t even save our own ambassador in Libya with a drone or two, he’s not going to waste anything on you.

Catholic Church. All your institutions – schools and hospitals – that refuse to provide contraceptives or abortions for employees, well, you’re going to either have to shut them down or go against your beliefs. All that social justice put before right and wrong is coming home to roost in an ugly way.

Red States. You might have your budget in order or your deficits declining. But California, Illinois, New York and others don’t. Who’s going to pony up for them? Hint: it isn’t them. They’ve given out lavish pensions, health care to immigrants, all kinds of goodies. Being blue states, they will run to daddy and darned if he won’t find some in your stash for them!

U.S. citizens. Amnesty will go to illegals. The door is wide open now. I thought Bush’s effort at immigration reform was a good one. He and Karl Rove saw the scenario that is now about to cement Democrat power – another group that will thank them and depend on them and so vote for them.

Russia. Now with post election “flexibility” Obama can contort U.S. policy in whichever way Medvedev or Putin want. Russia can be emboldened around the world, as can China.

David Petraeus. Get ready to go under the bus. The O people have already suggested you should take the rap for the Benghazi incident. It’s sure not going to be Hillary Clinton. That probably was part of a bargain Bill used to campaign for Obama. Don’t think Panetta wants to take the blame either. You were brought to prominence by Bush and now you’ll suffer for it.

Military. Now that the election is coming, so will the cuts. Obama’s never liked you. You are the problem if things don’t go well and he is the savior when they do. You’ll be used abusively.

Fox News and right leaning radio. The Democrat party is coming after you. You don’t fit in with their monopoly idea of reporting. Look for more avenues like the Fairness Act to run you out of town.

Yes, we have more than four years of his reign ahead of us. It won’t be pretty. We’ve moved from the Republic to the dictatorships of ancient Rome as described by Tacitus. We may not get a horse dubbed a senator, but you never know.

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