Random Items

Mia Love, the black House candidate in Utah, lost her election. So did Allen West. That’s a pity.

Paul Ryan won his seat in Wisconsin. Since he was already on the ballot before the Veep pick, it had to stay. Good. We need him.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio won reelection in Arizona. He’s 80 and still fighting. A lot of money was poured in against him.

Michele Bachmann seems to have eked out a win in her race. Here, too, money poured in to defeat her.

Looks like the assisted suicide bill in Massachusetts was defeated. Scarily narrowly.

The youth vote actually ticked up a percentage point for Obama.

Can we dump the idea that the undecideds break for the challenger? I never saw the logic in that. Also, the Redskins game, height of a candidate, University of Colorado studies, polls and pundits need to be ignored.

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