False Win?

Did we lose the election Tuesday? It’s a serious question.

The official tallies say Barack Obama won. But I have some doubts. It just doesn’t smell right.

Even before Tuesday, odd things were happening in casting votes. Countless people in different states said they had pressed the button for Mitt Romney only to see the vote cast as Barack Obama. Many of them had to try several times – still getting Obama – before reporting it. Want to bet the majority of this happened in swing states?

Then there are the military ballots, most of which seemed to go Republican. But they either didn’t get to soldiers at bases outside the country, were delivered too late to return on time and in one case, an airplane taking the ballots to the U.S. crashed in Afghanistan. Coincidence? Probably not.

I believe that early voting is an opportunity for fraud. Not that the election workers even know about it, but with the ballots sitting around in a computer for a month, how do we know their integrity is kept? We don’t.

In this election we were told that there was heavy early voting. In Ohio, the early voting was down noticeably in Democrat counties, up in Republican. Yet, Obama didn’t seem hurt by this. I wonder why.

Polls were good for Romney. He had the lead for weeks. Was this a lie?

We knew Obama had set up a war campaign office in Chicago and had people working there for years digging up opposition info and I hear there have been offices in swing states like Florida that were set up in 2008, but never closed. They could go in whatever guise necessary and have people working on votes, figuring out how to win. Although ACORN supposedly got cut back, maybe it morphed into another organization and its people infiltrated election boards and commissions to put their people in charge.

Then there is the fact that Obama lost about 10 million votes form 2008 and Romney got 2.4 million fewer than McCain. And this with the heavy early voting and long lines at the polls. Tuesday evening some of the lines were so long that results were delayed. Yet there was a decrease in the number of votes cast? Someone explain this to me.

The White House Insider I have referenced earlier had problems with all of this. He had foreseen a Romney victory after a close look at inside numbers.

Give me 24 more to digest all of this. I’m waiting for feedback from others. Sure they are just as stunned as me. Virginia? That was +3 for us. Easy. When that got jammed up last night I knew something was up. And everybody was saying “What is going on?” Everybody. I’m hearing something like 8 million fewer votes. And we don’t win with those #s? That means no Republican pick ups? How is that possible? Don’t know. Doesn’t make any sense. There is no previous election to hold 2012 up against in comparison. I have never experienced an election night roll out like what happened last night. Never.

It just doesn’t make sense. He continues:

To give you a taste of what I’m doing now I’ll share this with you. I’m using a Florida outcome in a specific district to try and wrap my head around all of this. Three counties. Martin, St. Lucie, and Palm Beach. Martin is controlled by Republicans and the turnout #s match what all our national trending showed. Big enthusiasm for the Republican candidate. Republican vote dominated Martin County. St. Lucie and Palm Beach are the real tests and is where the #s really start to signal something is wrong. St. Lucie leans Democrat. Palm Beach is Dem dominated. St. Lucie showed marginally less votes for Democrats % wise. Republicans enjoyed some cross-over which is what all the national models were indicating. In Palm Beach County which is Dem. dominated, voter turnout was even more depressed than prior elections, especially for the Democrats. But the Democrats won the district. The Republicans lost. Basically, the Democrat-dominated counties seem to be where some very odd #s came back. And if this is the model they utilized last night, they had to have done it in multiple counties for every swing state. That kind of coordination would be huge. And it would need the help of operatives from the other side. So I’m sitting here trying to figure out if the #s represent real voter outcome, which means almost all our internals were way the f-ck off, or how they pulled off fraud. That will take time. It won’t matter for this election, but it will make us better prepared for the next one. Either way, I got to focus and make calls, and try to figure this sh-t out.

I’d like to know the percentage of eligible voters who showed up at precincts, both here and around the country. We’ll have to wait for that info, but it seems crucial to me.

Did the Obama people plan their victory in the past three years? Certainly when you have as your gatekeeper Eric Holder at the Justice Department you take away any problems of investigation.

Then the performance of Obama at the first debate. It was perfunctory at best. Perhaps it was because he knew that the election was in the bag no matter what he did. It was just a superficial act he had to get out of the way.

There are still more questions. There will be more to come. Before we lash out at Romney, his campaign or the RNC we need to know more. The Democrats are trying to foment internecine warfare with us. Perhaps it is all another lie.

They assuredly are good at them.

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