Yesterday, while waiting to hear Neil Boortz’ radio program, I stumbled upon this exchange on KWAM. It was on a show that the Democrats have once or so a week, hosted by two women whose names I don’t know.

They were discussing the Obama victory. Of course, they were delighted. They began to discuss the Republican Party and how we are in trouble. The two talked about our apparent lack of appeal to Hispanics and Asians. Apparently there are no blacks in the Republican party anywhere ever. They chortled about how this lack of minorities will hobble us.

Then G.A. Hardaway joined the discussion. The state representative told them how red states are all the old states of the Confederacy. I paraphrase, but he said that every conservative is really a Confederate. More bashing ensued.

The trio then talked about how red states are the poorest in the union (like Texas, you mean?). Blue states, they opined, were the wealthier ones. Blue states had to send federal money to the poor red states and Republicans should welcome the handouts.

At this jaw dropping account I had to keep a grip on the wheel of the car so as not to go off the side of the road with this much crap being dropped.

It was an interesting few minutes of hearing how a big part of our community thinks. They think racist, although they would never admit it.

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