You Didn’t Build That – Why It Worked

Industrious Americans were appalled when President Obama said over the summer to successful people “You didn’t build that (business)”.

The same phrase had surfaced earlier in the year when senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts first used it. She gushed to an audience how rich people didn’t deserve credit since they used the roads, bridges and other things the working man built for them. Clearly, it was a trial balloon by the Obama people.

Looking back on it, it was not a stupid remark. It was brilliant. Cunning. It’s an accusation and an excuse. It’s ammunition in the class war.

In a time when unemployment was, and still is, growing and people were feeling bad about themselves, Obama was deflecting from his own responsibility for the situation. He threw the blame for his policy failures and the person’s failure to succeed off onto rich people taking money and credit for others’ labors.

It appealed to the people he needed to reelect him. Stupid people, unthinking people, revenge filled people.

Oops, there’s another word he shocked us with – revenge. This, too, was not a mistake when he said it on the last days of the campaign. It was an appeal to our basest instincts. It was pitting American against American.

It worked.

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