Memphis Has the Blues; State Does Not

The only good thing in the past election was that our state went redder. We gained enough seats in the House and Senate to give Republicans a supermajority.

This is lucky for us as Memphis is very blue. Our county even went for Corker’s opponent, a man so disliked even the Democrats tried to get him yanked from the ballot. A guy not covered by the media (because he was so unpopular) whose name few could even come up with won here. He won in my precinct 2 to 1 against Senator Corker.

We are also stuck with the moron Steve Cohen who would die his skin black if he could just to get an extra vote or two. Remember how he yearned to join the Congressional Black Caucus? Even they had the sanity to tell him no.

We have Mayor Wharton and a slew of other Democrats hamstringing us in city government. And we now have four more years of Obama, a time that feels more like a prison sentence than a presidential term. Then again he might decide he’s worth more than another four years and alter the 22nd amendment once his Supreme Court justices are seated.

At least our two senators are Republican, as is our governor and now we have 26 out of 33 seats in the State Senate and 70 out of 99 in the State House.

Governor Haslam and the legislature, this is no time to go wobbly. Don’t squander the opportunity.

Here are some things you should do:

Work us out of Obamacare as much as possible. We were never able to join the suits by other states against the law because our State Attorney General is a Democrat. Under our current law the AG is picked by the state Supreme Court. This looks like something that needs to be changed. We are the only state that does this. Either have him up for election by the people or let the governor appoint him. The current system will always put the AG in the domain of liberal leaning lawyers. That’s a loss.

Fix the voter ID stuff. No one should be able to use a library card as ID. The Democrats push for this smells fishy – and is. We have Tennesseans behind us on this one – act decisively!

Move to protect our gun rights. Personally, I think people should be able to carry one into a restaurant. The law is no barrier for a criminal who wants to; why should he prevail? Besides, with turmoil and government fascism on the way, citizens will need to protect themselves.

Cut taxes, especially the death tax. Cut taxes for businesses, too. California will soon have a lot of people leaving, as will other blue states. They could find a haven in Tennessee and afford us more tax revenue down the road through prosperity and more employment.

Another good outcome is that more states deepened the red in their legislature. Here’s what Bruce Walker at the discovered:

We lost the federal election in 2012, but we won the state government elections. Our state government victory can mean a great deal — if we have the wisdom and courage to use this power to show the real difference between the Party of Obama and the Party of Liberty.

Given the net gain of a couple of governorships by Republicans and the fact that in a number of state legislature chambers, Republicans actually gained seats, it’s clear that Republicans have more muscle in state governments now than after the 2010 election. The domination in the South is complete: out of the 11 states of the Old Confederacy, Republicans are one vote short — the Virginia Senate is tied — from controlling every one of the 22 legislative chambers and of every governorship but Arkansas.

What does that mean? It means that Republicans can pass right-to-work laws in a number of states which currently have fat, lazy leftist unions. In Michigan, for example, not only did Republicans hold both houses of the state legislature, but two state questions, Proposition 2 and Proposition 4, which would have strengthened collective bargaining rights, went down by huge margins.

Remember how Democrats in Wisconsin recaptured the Wisconsin State Senate in the recall a few months ago? Well, Wisconsin Republicans gained three seats and control in the Wisconsin Senate while maintaining comfortably control of the Wisconsin House. Indiana passed a right-to-work law after the 2010 election, and big labor threatened revenge. What happened on Election Night 2012? Republicans won an open governorship and gained a whopping ten seats in the Indiana State House of Representatives, maintaining comfortable control of both legislative chambers. Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin do not have right-to-work laws, but Republicans control state government in each of those states. Why not follow Indiana and end forced unionism?

The ratification of Republican control of state governments throughout much of the nation gives Republicans the chance to draw stark contrasts between Republican governance and Democrat governance. Already, Republican governors can tout the fact that unemployment is significantly lower in the states they govern. High taxes, rogue unions, terrible public schools, and lush welfare systems push productive citizens and successful businesses to leave Democrat-run states and move to Republican-run states, which are much friendlier.

What can Democrats do to stem this tide, this “voting with their feet,” as it used to be called when refugees from communist nations left their homelands for the West? Nothing. Obama, with much more constricted power than he had in 2009, can do little to help Democrat states or to hurt Republican states. The leftist establishment media likewise can do nothing to affect state governments, as the utterly failed efforts in Wisconsin in 2010, in Prosser’s judicial election, in Walker’s recall election, and in the Republican gains in both legislative chambers of Wisconsin demonstrate.

What do they say? When God closes a door, he opens a window? Let’s move, GOP.

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