Expert Explains You Can Fix an Election

From DW Ulsterman comes this clip and he explains:

“Apparently from testimony following the 2004 election, this computer programmer makes clear UNDER OATH, of how easily it would be for an organization, be it Democrat or Republican, to “flip” the election outcome via a rather simple code. – a code this programmer himself easily manufactured. This is further confirmed at the 3:10 of the video where the programmer notes how the entire system can be “hacked” to control the final voting outcome.

Tin hat stuff? Perhaps, but given how so many political experts were proven so wrong regarding the 2012 presidential election, and how particularly in the crucial swing states the final vote came out considerably less for Mitt Romney than much of the polling data was indicating, gives pause. Serious pause. See for yourself:”

Do you get the feeling that some of the Democrats took notes and contacted this man later?

After this story was published, there was an interesting story on Drudge. Evidently the software that the Romney campaign was going to use on election day malfunctioned. From Politico:

Many things went wrong with Romney’s campaign for president, but one of the biggest was the epic failure of the campaign’s big-data app for getting out the vote, called Orca. When the campaign needed it most, Orca was beached.

Politico has an excellent summary of the problems it says that Orca had. Among them were that the Romney campaign kept it secret and didn’t beta-test it before it was rolled out on Election Day. That meant that the people who it was designed for — the thousands of volunteers across the country — didn’t have a chance to learn how to use it before it was launched. And Orca kept crashing throughout the day.

The system was designed to identify likely Romney voters who had not yet voted on Election Day, and then get them to vote. But it continually crashed and people didn’t know how to use it.

Uh huh. Malfunctioned, or something else?

Here’s a link to the full story:

It’s tragic.

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