What Boehner Should Do

John Boehner should let Obama have his way. He should agree to all of his and the Democrats’ wishes on the budget.

That might sound odd to my fellow Republicans, but it is exactly the right thing to do. Why? As a commentator said, let’s play by Pottery Barn rules: you break it, you own it.

Even though Democrats own the White House, the Senate and the courts and Republicans only have the House, Republicans will be smeared as obstructionists no matter what we do. If we try to negotiate with them they know they have the upper hand. Since they own the media, too, they will scream our “obstructionism” to every moron within hearing distance of a TV. After Tuesday’s election can anyone doubt they’d swallow it?

No, a half way or superficial fix (Obama’s way) of the economy will not work. The stimulus didn’t work. We fought it, we were right, but we get no credit for the insight. If we try to compromise with Obama he’ll blame the part that doesn’t work on us.

Unfortunately the only thing that will work for us is for the American people to see what a disaster they have chosen. This only happens if Boehner lets Obama do his own thing.

Some Republicans can vote against it, but the rest should vote for the higher taxes on the rich, the death panels, the VAT, etc. Just make sure the Dems get full authorship. Besides, if they don’t, Obama will use executive orders to get his way. In the Senate, Harry Reid is already busy working to change the rules there so we can’t filibuster. They are setting traps everywhere we go.

Let Obama own the whole stinking mess. Make no mistake, that’s what it will be, too. Yes, you and I will suffer, but that’s in the plan anyhow.

This way the Dems can have it all. As they say, “be careful what you wish for.” Before the election some pundit advised that the best thing for the Democrats would be to lose the election. They will have to take “credit” for all that happens.

I say Boehner gives them the rope and lets them hang themselves.

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