Laboratory of Democracy

From time to time we hear that term bandied about. I heard it this morning in a clip on the radio. Governor Jerry Brown of California was using it in reference to Colorado and Washington state approving recreational marijuana.

Would his state do it, he was asked? They have already approved medical marijuana. He indicated he considered it a states rights issue rather than a federal one. Surprising, really, since they don’t feel that way about abortion rights or energy issues.

Anyhow, the idea of a laboratory of democracy is one that has gained ground. It shouldn’t have. If you think about it, it’s wrong on so many levels.

What are the American people? Lab rats? I guess Prohibition was a lab experiment. It didn’t work. It brought in the Mafia big time, along with a certain Kennedy family. It disrupted lives, killed industries and made ordinary Americans into criminals. Life is not an experiment for the very few to perform on others.

The idea of laboratory also eats away at the concept of truth and right and wrong. Our country was founded on the idea of freedom and the principles of it. Truth is immutable. It shouldn’t be subject to toying by men. That’s where we are right now. Everything our country was based on is being questioned and changed.

If we quit tinkering with the foundations of our democracy and went back to the basics, we’d be better off. The flip side of experimenting is that sometimes what you come up with is not an improvement, but a monster.

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