Don’t Look Back

Republicans have fretted for the past year and a half about our nominee to oppose Obama. We vetted each candidate with scrutiny, put them through twenty plus debates, examined their past voting records, decided who would be the most acceptable to our fellow Americans. We agonized over every poll.

I wonder now why we bothered.

It looks now like it was in the bag for Obama for years. How?

He had four years worth of planning and plotting to do via his goons in Chicago. We know they did opposition research on each Republican candidate, though they thought from the beginning it would be Romney. They looked for every mistake or any comment that could be twisted to make a Republican look bad. But that wasn’t all they did, I think.

Team Obama strategized, knowing he had a terrible record. They astutely decided they’d go after small issues to secure their base. Then they turned to how they could enlarge the vote. I don’t think they did it honestly.

People on his team must have worked diligently on how they could manipulate the vote. They decided they’d see to it that military ballots got “lost” or returned “too late.” They examined state laws on this. It’s estimated 70% of absentee military ballots never made it to the tabulation.

It was decided to make a stink about voter ID. They concentrated on the swing states that didn’t have a voter ID requirement and went to work. Many are the stories of how voters pressed the Romney button only to see Obama’s name come up. Does anyone think that was a glitch?

There were other ways, too. Once again the Black Panthers turned out to intimidate voters in Philadelphia. Funny how 59 precincts there recorded 100% votes for Obama. Coincidence?

They used the media to ignore unpleasant things like Benghazi, the economy and the deteriorating situation in Europe. They used the media to blow up any comment a Republican made, too. Obama made plenty of gaffes but who knew but a few who read the internet with discretion?

History said that any president with numbers as bad as Obama’s on the economy, unemployment and the GDP would not win. Romney had record turnouts at his events; Obama’s were tepid. Reputable polls like Gallup had Romney ahead at one point by 7 points. Was all this an error? I don’t think so.

Democrat operatives like Axelrod and Plouffe had figured out Obama’s weak points and worked to shore them up or at least make it look like they did it legitimately. They had Al Capone, we had Barney Fife. They used Freddy Kreuger, we used Shirley Temple. We had a knife, they had predator drones with laser guided missiles. Any wonder we lost?

Now is not the time for Republicans to attack one another. We are not the enemy. Neither is Romney. He ran a good campaign and he’s an honorable man.

Now is the time to find people who can act as ruthlessly as the Democrats. Not illegally, but forcefully. We need a Napoleon. Is he out there? I hope so.

NOw we are busy dissecting ourselves

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  1. You are Racist, and a poor loser , in addition you are a liar and a race-baiter, Black Panthers__LOL- face it, Mitt Romney has no connection to Urban Black ,Latino, young women, or any non-white people regardless of
    Income Level. Face it, and stop crying crocodile racist tears. Tears for Fears? The chickens have come Home to roost. You are right! ” Dont look back”. Get with the Program. We will save a seat for you at the table, but __ we are now Serving the Meal! Entiendes Mendez?

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