A Republican Insider Talks

Last year I began reading the DW Ulsterman site as he passed on the insights of someone working in the White House. This Insider did not like the Barack Obama administration. He is a Democrat, but hates the way the party is going. During the 2012 election he worked to help Republicans and against his own president.

Since last Tuesday, he has slipped away again into anonymity. It appears that he fears for his life. That is not an unlikely scenario given what he has seen. Before he left he linked with a Republican insider. This man will be relating his thoughts about what’s going on inside the Republican party.

We do not know his identity either, nor the one of Ulsterman. So what you read must be digested with that information. However, in the past he has been on target. With that proviso, I’ll share the link. I admit that I enjoyed what he had to say very much and agreed with him.

You be the judge: http://theulstermanreport.com/2012/11/13/republican-insider-new-blood-in-an-old-direction/

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