Catholics Look Out

Every year parishioners at Catholic Churches are asked to donate to the Campaign for Human Development. It sounds good, right? Who isn’t for human development?

Well, people who are true Catholics it appears. They have issued this statement:

“As a Catholic Lay person, We feel that we are being called to stand up and speak louder for what is right in our church. Please read the enclosed email that we are sending our Bishop regarding the November 18th collection that is taking place in our diocese for the Campaign for Human Development. We feel it is our responsibility to call our Bishop out on this and not support a program that is against our Catholic faith. Please, prayerfully consider copying and pasting the letter and voicing your concern about this collection. We can be silent no more or wait for someone else to do the work.”

They have drafted a letter objecting to it to our bishop:

To Your Excellency Terry Steib , Bishop of Memphis, TN,

In lieu of a contribution to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, I have instead enclosed this note.

We have been called to form our consciences for faithful citizenship. As steward of His treasures, I cannot (in clear conscience) contribute any of the money that God has entrusted to my care while so many morally questionable grants – grants to organizations that promote population control (e.g., contraception and abortion), homosexual “marriage”, and socialist activities – continue to be issued by the CCHD.

I humbly request that you please read and act on this report which details the ways in which the CCHD grant process has been misused to support organizations whose goals are contrary to the Catholic faith:

The report they cited says:

“Review and Renewal Audit: ALL’s study of 2011–2012 CCHD grants found that 46 of the 195 Catholic dioceses in the United States had grantees in violation of the CCHD’s Review and Renewal guidelines:

27 of the 192 grantees currently funded by CCHD are directly involved in activities contrary to Church teaching. In addition, 45 are actively involved in coalitions promoting such activities.
The total number of grantees in violation of CCHD grant guidelines is 72, or 37 percent.
Two additional grantees are included in the report due to the actions of their leaders, bringing the total number of grantees profiled to 74.
The total amount granted to offending groups is $2,889,500, which is an increase of $1,026,500 from the amount granted to offending groups in 2010–2011.
Thus, 38 percent of the $7,658,500 granted by CCHD in 2011–2012 went to grantees in violation of CCHD guidelines.

Independent Moral Analysis: Furthermore, an independent review of grantees discussed in ALL’s report by noted Catholic theologian, Dr. William Marshner of Christendom College, found:

20 CCHD grantees are guilty of formal cooperation with evil
17 grantees are in proximate danger of formal cooperation
Remainder of profiled grantees are guilty of unwise material cooperation”

So what does this mean? The Dallas area Catholic blog site, notes:

And the worst part is, every year they get worse. The Reform CCHD Now coalition has released its analysis of the 2011-12 grant recipients from the Catholic Campaign for Hoodwinking Donors Human Development (CCHD), and, guess what! Dozens participate in actions that are counter to the Faith, either directly or in coalition with other leftist organizations. Progressives loooove coalitions, and love for abortion/contraception/fake gay marriage is so widespread on the left, it’s almost impossible to form a coalition that does not include support for one of the above. But even more disturbing this year is the 30 odd grant recipients who themselves take actions or otherwise support things counter to the Faith (up from 11 in 2010) – so a few million dollars more goes to the Church’s ideological enemies.In point of fact, the very mission of CCHD – to “empower” the poor through left-wing political action (how about helping them get jobs, so they can empower themselves?) – is the root cause of this constant failure to uphold Catholic Doctrine in delving out money to grant recipients. As I stated before, almost all left wing social justice type organizations support abortion on demand, contraception, fake gay marriage, and myriad other things contrary to the Faith. Frankly, even the vision of social justice CCHD espouses – more government money, more government interference in the daily life of Americans, more obeisance to the state as the ultimate totality of human existence – is antithetical to the Catholic Faith. So, CCHD by it’s very existence, by what it seeks to achieve, and by who it works with, is always going to be in tension (at least) with the Faith. As we have seen over the past decade or more, in point of fact, CCHD has proven it cannot operate without violating Catholic moral doctrine, even after numerous attempts at reform and close oversight from the USCCB.

I think we are well past the point, where reform is not called for, but disestablishment. Shut it down. It is problematic, at best (I really believe it antithetical) to the Faith.

This is more of the social justice stuff a branch of the Church has allowed to supersede morals and faith. If our objections don’t get through to them vocally, then perhaps it will through the pocketbook. Throw your CCHD envelope in the trash or put a note in it stating your objection. Otherwise you are donating to something evil.

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