Benghazi – What You Can Do

The Republican Insider has weighed in and here’s his conversation via DW Ulsterman:

RI: The general opened up the…the “can of worms” this morning. We now have a four star general and CIA Director letting lawmakers know that there was serious alterations to the CIA summary of the Benghazi attack. All references to it being a terrorist attack were…they were removed from the original CIA document. Now I am left asking where is that original document. If that was provided by the general, and it’s being reviewed by the committee, then that committee has no choice but to go right back to the White House and ask…it’s the two questions everybody is already asking right now. I’ve been hearing it all morning and afternoon now. WHY was it changed? WHO changed it?

UM: Who would have the authority to do that? To alter the CIA Director’s assessment, right?

RI: Exactly – exactly. Who could do that? Has to be high up. Administration. And whoever did that, how…who would do that without the president’s stamp? Without his approval? Now I was…I heard from a staffer…they said it was the campaign. The campaign reviewed it and changed it and sent Rice out onto the Sunday news shows. That sounds…well, it’s outrageous. But…it…all of the campaigning the president was doing…has been…he’s been at it for over two years. The campaing has always been his priority. So…so maybe that’s possible. Now that’s not a minor point here. If national security…the death of an ambassador and three other Americans…now if that…(inaudible)…so if there was a decision from the campaign, then…well…I’ll say it. That could be cause for impeachment. The president would be in violation of his oath. At least it’s how I understand it.

UM: Impeachment? Is that really possible?

RI: Don’t use…don’t latch onto that term. I’m not saying it’s likely or even possible. I don’t have all the specifics of exactly what went on in the hearing. I can tell you the place is buzzing. I can tell you there are staffers…King’s office…they are really getting pretty fired up on this. They needed Petraeus to give them something and apparently that’s what the general did. Oh! And over at…ummm…McCain. He’s fired up about this too. He did not like being called out by the president the other day. So maybe he’s going to…you know the Senate…they always take so long and the Republicans up there…(inaudible) so cautious. But (inaudible) …and so maybe we are seeing some real momentum on this. The Feinstein office has sent out feelers too. Staffers talking amongst themselves. This is all good news for those of us who want to see some real accountability for what happened, but…I want to stress again that…that you can’t get your hopes up. These people…it’s not that they don’t care…(inaudible)…bad people. It’s just how it works. If someone gets spooked, or a deal can be made, that’s what happens. I don’t like it, but I have to work in reality and not how I wish things were. You get that?

UM: Yeah – I understand that better than I used to. Understood.

RI: Here is…umm…there is something you can do. Your readers can do…everyone you know of. If people want to possibly change the outcome…or the discussion…they have to use this new media to do it. You have to understand that the Obama White House has hundreds of people…all they do is post and comment and try to push their version. They…what it is…it’s a whole program to either direct the news coverage, or give media the excuse that they are just reporting on…or reflecting the public opinion. So what we need to do…(inaudible)…of what I already talked about. We need to get ahead of this new media thing…all of us. Republicans. Conservatives…whatever. Congressman Paul talked about it the other day…he was right about that. 100%. So everyone needs to go out there and post their comments. Make the media know we are more…ummm…we are paying attention now. And so…they need to cover what…the stories that we are commenting on. Use basic economics on them. Just go all out and overwhelm the comments sections of these stories. Share the truth. And demand…demand more of the truth. And demand that they start…they need to ask this White House real questions now. Can you do that? Can they do that? Petraeus gave us an opportunity – now we need all of your help.

UM: I’ll do my best. Just like you – can’t promise anything. But you’re right…people are…after the election they were pissed. Now they’re…I think they’re ready to fight again. So, we’ll do our best.

RI: If everyone gets on the same page with this…after today…we’ll see how the weekend news programs go…next week we might really crack this thing open.

UM: Could Boehner…will he shut it down? I don’t trust him anymore.

RI: (Pause) …I don’t like to talk poorly about another Republican…

UM: But…

RI: (Pause)…but ummm…you might be right on that one. He’s not…hasn’t been…reliable for us. Hoping he’ll surprise us..but yeah…hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

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