The Wonder of It All

Jokes about the longevity of the Twinkie have been around for decades. It would survive a nuclear attack, people opined. It would outlast us all.

I fell prey to that, too. I bought Twinkies and its brothers for my children to pack in their lunch boxes. They enjoyed them occasionally and my belief is that things restricted from kids become an obsession with them later in life. It’s good to experience overload from time to time.

Anyhow, one day a daughter came home and said her Twinkie had mold on it. Hard to believe, but I pulled out the package and, sure enough, some of them had passed their expiration date and succumbed to decay.

Myths shattered and I never let that happen again. From then on I paid attention to the little blue writing on the wall of the package.

Looks like the unions, workers and fans of Hostess products, which include Wonder bread, an American icon, also believed in the eternal nature of the brand. In a childish way they thought that the company would go on despite that silly old profit thing. It’s America, after all! Things like that do not fail.

Well yesterday they found out they do fail. They found out the Twinkie had an expiration date. They just didn’t care to look on the package.

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