Thankful for the Enemy

This Thanksgiving Republicans may be a bit gloomy. We have turkey day not just today, but for the next four years. It wasn’t what we had planned at the beginning of the month.

Still, despite the media doom and gloom scenario for the GOP, it’s not really that bad. We still control most state government. We have 30 Republican governors and control of many state legislatures. We kept the House of Representatives. We’ll probably keep it a while longer because of the next non presidential election and because of redistricting.

While Democrats may feel sated by their White House and Senate wins, there is a caveat for them. A big one. Be careful what you wish for is something they should heed. But given their history they will do what they always do: overreach.

No group gets drunk with power as fully and as quickly as Democrats. By this I mean liberals, too, because the Democrat party is now one wholly run by liberals and radicals. It’s no longer a counterpoint to Republican ideas, it’s out there on the diving board far left, teetering.

Like at the Thanksgiving Day table, Democrats use the knives and forks with abandon and gorge themselves on power. They’re so busy grabbing up the spoils they forget what a scene they are creating.

For instance, their best buds, the labor unions, are doing everything they can to alienate and disgust Mr. Average American. No sooner had the election ended than they began to flex their muscle. Look at Hostess. Unions were willing to throw everything out if they didn’t get their way. That’s known as spite and it never ends well.

Then we have the anti Walmart brigade of pro unionists. They want to spoil everyone’s fun and a company’s profit for their own greed. They’ve picked a poor choice. Americans aren’t in love with Walmart, but they need the low prices it can give them. Not everyone can shop in tony Manhattan food stores or boutiques in the Hamptons.

Speaking of the economy, whatever is resolved with the fiscal cliff won’t end there. We’re facing some mighty financial headwinds from the Democrats’ hatred of business and the poor job situation. The Dems won’t be able to hide our poor circumstances forever, nor can they continue to blame Bush another 3-4 years. People aren’t that dumb.

When Obamacare kicks in, the reality of its stringencies will come as a shock to those who never felt the need to look into the monstrosity. And we all know that Obama has middle class tax hikes on his radar. He has to. The vaunted tax on the rich can not supply enough to keep the goodies coming. He will have to call on the largest tax base of Americans, those in the middle. They won’t react well to a VAT tax or further energy taxes.

At some point, Socialism fails. Even the distractions of sports, entertainment and other media tricks can’t make it a palatable prospect.

Obama has second term malaise waiting for him on January 22. He thinks he can handle it, but his win (if it truly was one and not stolen) wasn’t that big. He doesn’t have a mandate. The half wits who voted for him will crawl back to their cribs, but the rest of the electorate won’t. They’ll be ready for 2014 and 2016.

I might add that another trick they use, the racism ploy, is a losing one. Obama and the Democrats have relied so heavily on it that it will at some point backfire. Kind of like the Salem witch trials. You keep calling everybody a racist or a witch and people will begin to see there is no basis in this term. I think people have already had enough of it. They will just click off when it materializes. It’s being so overused it is dismissed.

You see, all that voting for revenge is a poison. It might taste sweet as it’s going down, but it packs a punch.

As a Republican, I am glad I have nothing to do with their party. Let them feast now. When they wake from the hangover, it will get ugly. For them.

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