Words of the Week

Conservatism, being a more intellectual approach than liberalism which feeds on emotions, produces interesting linguistic words and usages. The post election debacle has spawned some good ones.

After the election we realized we are living with “Generation Fluke.” What we perceived as a ridiculous argument that Romney would halt contraceptives turned out to be a signature issue for women. Those so obsessed with their own reproduction – or lack of it – went to the polls to protect their “rights.” Sandra Fluke of Georgetown, you can be proud! And think of how her parents feel! No wonder the F word is everywhere.

Chris Whittle noted that the election showed lots of Americans like “the safety hammock.” They no longer want a safety net. They want a hammock in which they can relax because they think they are entitled to not work. It’s another stunning achievement of the “Marxocrats,” er, the Democrats as they have come to show themselves.

Mark Rubov wrote “How the Republicans Can Rebrand” at the americanthinker.com. He named another group of Americans who surfaced in the election to give Obama a win. “Obama, the Candy Man, appeals so much to ‘Candylanders’, who childishly accept free candy in exchange for their own freedom,” he writes. It’s a sugar high, I might add, that doesn’t nourish anyone.

If that makes you hot under the collar, you might be one of the “toleratti.” Greg Gutfeld of Fox News writes of them in his latest book. According to him, they are people who use their own outrage all the time to mask their own hate. You’ve seen them on TV and in life. Gloria Allred, Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews and just about every liberal in the media elite personify this term.

All this affects “how you live your dash.” The term has been around awhile, but was new to me. It means how you live the time between your birth and death, i.e. the dash separating the dates on your tombstone.

Evidently, a lot of Democrats are living their dash in anger and spite.

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