Who’s on Fire?

We on the right side of the aisle knew before the first question was raised that PolitiFact was going to be PolitiFiction. It took any comment made by a Republican and dissected it to find something untruthful. Any comment by Democrats was explainable.

Jesus could have been said to have “Pants/robe on fire” if they had thought he was a Republican.

Take, for instance, today’s PolitiFact Tennessee says “Cohen’s criticism of Delta Air Lines Rings True.” Not a hard call when all Cohen said was “Delta Air Lines has once again broken a promise they made to me and to the people of Memphis.” I don’t know what promise they made to him anyhow, do you? Really out on a limb with that one, criticizing a company nobody here likes.

Conservative Fact Check took a look at PolitiFact and compared. Here’s a chart summing up their findings:

You can see who they consider the betes noires (is that racist?) to be. When Bill Clinton is one of the least liars it invalidates the whole process.

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