Outrage of the Day

Even the New York Times is shocked by the Obama policy on the use of drones. Scott Shane wrote a piece entitled “Election Spurred a Move to Codify U.S. Drone Policy” which said:

The matter may have lost some urgency after Nov. 6. But with more than 300 drone strikes and some 2,500 people killed by the Central Intelligence Agency and the military since Mr. Obama first took office, the administration is still pushing to make the rules formal and resolve internal uncertainty and disagreement about exactly when lethal action is justified.

…Partly because United Nations officials know that the United States is setting a legal and ethical precedent for other countries developing armed drones, the U.N. plans to open a unit in Geneva early next year to investigate American drone strikes.

But the administration appears to be a long way from embracing such openness. The draft rule book for drone strikes that has been passed among agencies over the last several months is so highly classified, officials said, that it is hand-carried from office to office rather than sent by e-mail.

When does the use of drones become a whim of a president rather than a war policy? Does anyone have any fears that so much secrecy could lead to someone like Obama using drones against his own people? With the secrecy surrounding this, it is worth consideration.

Blogger Ulsterman says:

The Obama White House long ago wiped out any references to a “War on Terror”. Perhaps that is because it has been that same White House responsible for hundreds of acts of terror around the globe – some of which the New York Times now finally acknowledges. And where then, are the war protesters? The human rights activists? Hardly a word has been raised against the Obama administration’s rampant use of drone killings.”

Then add to that fact the Obama administration remains highly secretive regarding the who, what, when, and why of those drone strikes. Do we wish to simply accept the alleged fact all of those 2500 deaths were terrorists? And what of the very high probability, due to just how secretive the Obama drone program is, that there have been likely far more than 2500 deaths? How many of those drone strikes were on incorrect targets? How many innocents have been killed? Women? Children? Have these drones been used to threaten and intimidate political leaders? And what of the emerging use of drones on American soil? At present, government officials claim they are simply meant to “monitor” citizens.

What we do know is this – Barack Obama has greatly expanded the use of military drones and is doing so with very little oversight. Drones were in use during the Benghazi terrorist attack that killed four Americans – the video of which remains top secret. Obama drones have been responsible for the deaths of at least 2500 people – again, with little to no oversight as to exactly who those deaths were. And not a word from war protesters and human rights activists was raised against Barack Obama during the years and months leading up to the election. Hardly a word from the Mainstream Media either.”

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