Red State, Blue State, Smart State, Dupe State

When elites throughout the country and especially on TV, want to indicate that a character or person is stupid, they endow that figure with a thick Southern, country accent.

You know it’s true. We even do it ourselves. Want dumb? Speak Southern. It’s ingrained enough in our psyches that it is beyond political correctness. Portray a stupid/racist/Bible thumper/anti-science Southerner, and you get to start dropping your g’s, elongate vowels, throw in a y’all or two. We don’t even notice anymore!

Why is this? A lot of our best politicians, entrepreneurs and businessmen are and have been from the South. No one mocks Fred Smith, Martin Luther King or Sam Walton, but they were all Southerners. tackles the idea that Red states are dumber than blue states. He finds:

“Education certainly matters, but not in the way they think. The fact is that, if you’re academically smart, you’re more likely to graduate from high school, attend college, and even attend professional school. In other words, the smarter you are, the longer your exposure to Leftist academic thought will be. These high earning, upper echelon people didn’t embrace Leftism because their intellectual analysis inexorably led them to it. Instead, they embraced Leftism because their smarts mean they’ve been steeped in the Leftist stew for infinitely longer than the average American who didn’t go on to a higher degree.

“These same people also remind me that academic smarts do not correlate with real life intelligence. I have no doubt that these people are good lawyers, doctors, CEOs, ambassadors, etc. What they’re trained to do, they do well. Outside of their sphere of expertise, however, they’re remarkably naive and intellectually incurious.

“One of the things that made the rounds on my Facebook was a boastful poster saying that those states with the highest number of college-educated people all went for Obama. The implication is that these smart Blue State people, unlike the ill-educated yahoos in Red States, are the ones who have the brains and ability to understand how Obamanomics will serve America.”

Bookworm continues: “What the genius who created this poster missed the fact that these smart Blue States are, not coincidentally, almost all broke. The following Blue States are amongst those states running the biggest budget shortfalls in America: Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Minnesota. In other words, 80% of the “best educated” states are in dire financial straights. You’d think that, with all those smart people, they’d be rolling in the green stuff.

“It turns out that one of the biggest indicators of Blue state-ness isn’t smarts — it’s brokes.

“Only 41% of the “dumb” Red States are seriously in the red. They may not have the degrees, but they have sufficient smarts to control their budgets — which is the fundamental responsibility of all viable governments.

If the election is any indicator, it shows that our education system leaves people incapable of rational economic thought. This is true even when these same educated people are the ones most hurt by their economic ignorance and Leftist credulity.”

On top of that, many from the blue states insist that it is funding the red states that hurts them and the federal government. If the red states are called upon to bail out the blues, they are not only going to have the blues, but to act on it. The liberals don’t have any idea what a can of whoop ass that would open. Maybe we country bumpkins aren’t so stupid after all.

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