Judge Fails

We have forgotten what freedom is. We are no longer a free people.

If we remembered what it is to be free and if we exercised freedom, no judge would have dared to overrule the decision of the people and voided the schools for the suburbs. It’s a horrific development.

Judge Mays has rejected the vote of people in the suburbs. He has denied the state legislature its ability to write laws. He has taken away the person freedom of thousands of people to decide where their children can go to school. He has taken the rights of individual communities to govern themselves. What a disgrace.

What’s next in this desire to equalize everything? Does he void the right of parents to send children to parochial schools? Does he deny parents the ability to choose a private school? Does he punish those who want to with fees? Where does it stop?

Of course he would find some loophole in the laws to allow him to have his way. Perhaps he was intimidated. Perhaps he was threatened. Perhaps he is just a hack. The effect is still the same: a win for the poor performing schools, a win for mediocrity and a smashing of individual freedoms.

Many of us have ceased to have any belief in the justice meted out by our courts. Case after case has shown the people that the judiciary has become tyrannical. Look at eminent domain. Look at Judge Roberts and his whimsical switch to supporting Obamacare. These judges who are unelected have no desire to respect the will of the people of the will of the legislative branch of government.

It’s all an intellectual exercise and a power grab. Education will never be reformed as long as judges stand in the way. Once again, the children suffer.

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