O Outrage of the Day

It used to be that a president, once elected and especially when re-elected, would settle into the business of making the country prosper.

Not with the 44th occupant of the Oval office. He lives to campaign and views everything as a fight. It’s hardly the view he offered of himself in 2008. He obviously seeks to divide Americans and his favorite tactic is the middle class vs. the wealthy.

In this fight over the fiscal cliff, Obama has started a new battle. The Hill reports:

The White House is planning to promote a new Twitter hashtag — #My2k — that represents the estimated $2,200 by which middle-class families would see their taxes increase, on average, if Congress fails to extend the Bush-era tax rates. Administration officials will ask supporters to post on the social media network and the White House website about how a tax increase would affect them.

“After the president’s event, the White House will call on Americans across the country to share on Twitter what #My2K means to them, as well as on other social media channels, and on WhiteHouse.gov,” an administration official said. “We’ll highlight the #My2K stories received on WhiteHouse.gov and through social media to elevate the impact of inaction for middle-class families.”

You can bet we’ll have sob stories galore on this one. It will be forgotten that the Republicans want to keep the taxes on all other Americans from going up, too.

Lost in all of this is the fact that the higher taxes on the rich will only fund about 8 days of Washington spending. It will not help lower the nation’s debt or stop more entitlement programs. It will not help the economy nor will it do anything except pile up more debt on future generations. And for what? Bankrupt solar energy companies?

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