St. Jude and Barbara Bush

Today is the day of the St. Jude Marathon, which draws thousands here to run and raise money for the hospital (including my own daughter). When Danny Thomas built it here in Memphis he did a wonderful thing for Americans, all children and the city of Memphis. It continues to be an outstanding organization that has done countless good for so many.

One of its admirers, as it turns out, is former First Lady Barbara Bush. She was recently interviewed on the Today show by her granddaughter, Jenna Hager. She spoke of losing her daughter Robin to leukemia decades ago.

St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital was founded about ten years after Robin Bush’s death, and advances since then have given children today with the disease a 90 per cent survival rate.

Mrs. Bush commented, “What on earth could be better in the eyes of God than a hospital that saves children’s lives? George and I do talk about it.”

Jenna Hager did a report on St. Jude on the Today Show:

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