Here’s a Solution to Avoid Fiscal Cliff

Every day someone is wringing their hands about what the Republicans should do about the economy. Some say go ahead and jump over the fiscal cliff and let the depression Obama wants so badly occur. Others say do not give in on the tax pledge or risk losing conservative Republican voters. Yesterday someone suggested the GOP hold a press conference and put forward Obama’s own task force’s plan – Simpson Bowles.

Here’s another. Since Obama claims his narrow (and dubious) win shows a mandate in his favor on raising taxes on the rich, let’s say OK. All the states that voted for Obama will get the tax increases. All the ones that didn’t can keep the old Bush tax cuts.

Unconstitutional, you say? Since when has that bothered this president or Congress? There is no right to health care in the Constitution, but it’s going forward anyway. Washington and Jefferson would be aghast at Eminent Domain used against citizens, but there it is. Prohibition was a stretch, but they did it. Ask Chief Justice John Roberts about bending the law.

If Obama feels so close to his liberal lackeys, then let them experience Obamanomics. Wouldn’t it show the true values of such an economy? Scores of the wealthy and big business would depart New York, California and Illinois for low tax friendly states like Tennessee and Texas. Heck, they already are! Pretty soon the South would be roaring. We would be in boom times while the Obama states experienced another Great Depression.

I know there are the problems of working such a system out, but since when did D.C. not love complicated tax forms that require more employees? The spending cuts they don’t initiate in the blue states might seem a boon to them, but I don’t think so. From what I see, the more money a problem has thrown at it, the worse it gets. Take Memphis City Schools – please- as the joke goes. With a billion a year they still can’t turn out students who know which state they live in. Meanwhile, Catholic parochial schools get by on a shoe string and have students that excel.

The more money spent on poverty the worse it gets. I could go on and you probably could, too. As for Defense cuts, let the industries move down here and we keep a portion of them going. No need for us to suffer any repercussions in the land that believes in strong defense. So far, the jihadists have targeted blue states for terrorism the most. And yet, they still don’t get it. We do.

What better way to show that our side knows what it’s talking about when it comes to the economy? Even the media couldn’t obscure the difference. There is nothing like facts and reality to wake us up and snap us out of this anti American world we’re put in now.

This is as good a suggestion as any I’ve seen. Probably the most democratic, too, and one that goes back to the idea of states rights.

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