Meeting Tonight

The Midtown Republican Club meets tonight at 6 at Cafe Eclectic on North McLean.

It should be an interesting session. Republican State Representative Mark White will be the guest speaker. What with the Legislature now holding a Republican supermajority, members ought to be able to accomplish great things.

What will they do about stopping Obamacare? How do they see the school fight between Shelby County and the burbs resolving? What about school vouchers? Haslam has recently stepped away from them. What about voter ID requirements in light of Shelby County successfully maneuvering to allow library cards as sufficient voter ID? Will they make a no income tax a law in Tennessee? What of the move to sell wine and liquor in grocery stores? What of the internet and privacy rights?

There’s a lot to discuss so come with questions. For Shelby County residents we do not have a lot of clout in this Democrat led part of the state. It will be helpful if the Republican legislature can help us keep our rights here.

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