Mark White Part 2

Rep. White then began to talk about some other issues and the problems with being a supermajority.

“We have to be very careful on how we step on private property rights,” White explained. Last year the NRA pressed the GOP majority on allowing people to carry guns to work. The East Memphis and Germantown representative was quick to say he supports gun rights and then explained where they ran into trouble.

Legislation was pending to allow Tennesseans to carry guns in their car on their way to work and to keep a gun in your car when you park. Suppose you work a night shift at Fed Ex and on your way to your job there pass through some areas of town known for criminality. Many of us would like to have a gun as protection. Seems reasonable. Except it wasn’t to Fed Ex and other businesses. They turned out to be adamant about no guns in their lots and successfully used their power to stop the legislation.

Many in our audience felt that was a cave by Republicans. It does seem to go against our second amendment rights. The ridiculousness of not being able to protect yourself brought sharp words. It also angered citizens that a big company could stand in the way of an individual’s rights.

When the topic of what states should do about Obamacare and about what Tennessee in particular would do White presented the plan currently under scrutiny in Nashville. “Most are leaning against the state exchange in favor of the federal government managing Obamacare. They feel we won’t have any control over it anyhow. We can’t get answers from the feds now. We ask why should our state go in debt is what most are saying,” White related.

This brought to the forefront the issue of Republicans caving on this and on the fiscal cliff discussions. A few held the opinion that we should accede to Obama’s wishes, let the disasters happen and then be blameless when election time rolls around. It is an opinion held by many in D.C.

Others disagreed. People were vocal in imploring Republicans to stand and fight Obamacare and the tax hikes. What is our point of being there if we don’t stand for something, a member asked. Indeed. Some of us remember when Newt Gingrich shut down the government. He thought that Americans would be outraged at Clinton, but they took it to Republicans in the next election. A cave on Obamacare and the fiscal cliff seems dangerously close to that scenario.

We expressed to Mr. White, who is not a representative for Midtown but graciously came to hear what we thought, the need for the state government to stand and fight. If we can’t get people in Washington to listen, surely Republicans in Nashville will. They will need to with Haslam as governor because he seems willing to bend conservative principles when politically expedient.

White explained that the Tennessee budget requires $31 billion. Only $15 billion of that comes from the state. The rest is from the federal government. That is how they are able to get us to comply with their unconstitutional (my word) laws.

White mentioned that he sees incoming Texas Senator Ted Cruz as a forceful leader for the party. Problem is, we need people now. Why some in Washington aren’t throwing public fits about the trickery being attempted on the American people or upbraiding the media for their stream of lies and distortions frustrates us.

The Democrats are willing to lie, cheat and steal to get their progressive views enacted. Our response to being kicked is often to ask why the other side did that and go off in a funk. Democrats would scream, holler, accuse, manipulate and get the full attention of Americans were that reversed. That’s why they win.

Most of us felt last night that fighters are needed and perhaps some ruthless people to come forward and speak for the party. In the meantime, the country is slipping away.

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