How to Handle the Media

Whenever a big issue like the fiscal cliff comes up, I wonder why our side seems incapable of taking the issue to the Democrats.

Even when the American public agrees with us, which they did on the health care debate and on taxes, power slips out of our fingers and the Democrats eagerly scoop it up.

Part of the blame lies with the media. Let’s face it. They despise redstate America. They hate seeing Americans make their own decisions, spend their own money and make up their own minds. It enrages them. Yet they are successful at browbeating and bullying our citizens into going along with big government.

The other blame lies with our leaders. Why do they let themselves be vilified?

There are things that a candidate, an elected official or party representative could do to stop this. It’s not that hard. They should give it a try. Here are some ideas:

Call a press conference on an issue and do something dramatic. Use props if you have to. Netanyahu used a drawing of a bomb ready to go off with a red line representing how close Iran is to nuclear power when he addressed the UN in September. It wasn’t ingenious, but it was effective. It got people’s attention. Go ahead, be cheesy. The Democrats get rewarded when they do it!

Challenge everything a reporter says. Throw it right back at them. Don’t take any guff. Newt did that admirably during the primary debates and everyone flocked to him. Most of us in flyover are seething at the arrogance of the media. We want someone to call them out. Anyone who did would soon find out how quickly a bully retreats.

Grab a microphone and say something arresting that catches the nation’s attention. It doesn’t have to be mean. Make sure you have your facts straight, though. Make sure you show us where you’re going with a remark. If media misreport it, call another one, say something outrageous and hit the airwaves.

Use humor – the right kind. More Don Rickles, less Rodney Dangerfield. Don’t be afraid to make fun of reporters. They aren’t afraid to do that to you. Go on Letterman or Leno if you like; just be prepared to give better than they do. Reagan excelled at this. Take a cue from him.

Dig up some dirt on these people. I’m not talking about blackmail. There are some things known about reporters, but we allow them to go unchallenged. For instance, when a smart a– reporter asks a question that is meant to corner Mr. Republican, why not reply ‘Well, Mr. X, why are you talking about that when you haven’t even voted in the last election?’ Throw it right back at them.

For the Democrats all this is easy and they even throw in some lying and cheating as well in their strategy. We play nice. If a Republican ever asserted himself he’d be surprised at how easy it is.

Let’s have the good guys use a little Saul Alinsky in a way that is not immoral or illegal. Stop bringing a spork to the fight when they have an uzi. If Romney had done this, he might be preparing to move into 1600 Pennsylvania now instead of retreating to his home.

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