Republican Insider Sends an Alert

The man identified as a Republican Insider who communicates via the DW Ulsterman facebook/website had some interesting comments. He claims Valerie Jarrett and Obama plan to nominate a far left radical for the Supreme Court.
Here are some excerpts:

“Something important came out this week that I thought you should know about. One of the conservative leaning judges on the SC has indicated to staff connected to Senate Judiciary they may be stepping down within the next year. This information goes right alongside a possible plan that comes from White House indicating the next SC appointment will be openly gay. That plan and the word on the potential resignation of a current SC member came to me inside of 24 hours so I will assume they are related. Operatives are no doubt testing the waters.

“Now here’s the deal with the possible gay appointment. The administration, Democrats, they don’t really care about the gay issue. They don’t care about protecting them. The gay issue is just like the minority issue, it’s simply a way to cower Republicans so Democrats get their way on using government to control people. That’s it. And the thing is, these last four years, they have become very good at it. What the White House wants is the most radical SC appointment in the history of the court. That appointment will then be insulated from attack because of the gay issue. Republicans don’t want to appear ‘insensitive’ and know the media will be ready for an all out offensive against them. This in turn could roll into the 2014 elections very similar to the trumped up rape comments by Mourdock and Akin ended up damaging the entire party in 2012. (I don’t know Akin, but Richard Mourdock is a good man and the media unfairly tore him apart. What else is new though, right?) Now many inside the party fear the same treatment if they word something less than perfect and having to review an openly gay Supreme Court appointment during televised hearings in this current political climate would place Republicans in a very dangerous position public relations wise if they were to aggressively challenge that appointment just a year out from the Midterm Elections. The White House and Democrats would use the hearing to again paint Republicans as anti-woman, anti-minority, anti-gay, basically anti-everything and everyone, and the media will do double duty to push that portrayal 24/7 for them. The whole gay issue of the nominee will be the Trojan Horse to get this radical appointment approved during confirmation. The Democrats get the most radical justice ever on the court, and set up momentum for the 2014 election. I know WHI (White House Insider) has said often that Barack Obama is stupid. That may be true, but the people running him are incredibly smart, and very devious and dangerous.

“I could care less if a Justice is gay or not and most of us in the party feel the same way. Even the more social conservatives among us don’t place that issue near the top of the list. I do care a great deal if a potential justice is the most radical leftwing socialist to ever be considered for the SC. When I received the information, I was instantly reminded of the remarks Jarrett made before the election where she indicated they had ‘two judges ready to go’. It seems pretty clear that the first of those two is being positioned right now. If the word given to Judiciary is correct, and one of the conservative leaning judges steps down, I have no doubt the White House will move ahead with what Jarrett said earlier, and the socialists will have control of the White House, the Senate, near control of the Supreme Court, and will then use the momentum to take control of the House in 2014. They will have the country locked up tight. People who think things can’t get worse for America need to stop and think a bit more on that. They could get a whole lot worse.”

Sounds like a familiar ploy, doesn’t it? Evil always masks itself as something tolerant or compassionate when it isn’t.

Sad to see our nation divided over every difference we have, but we all know that the divide and conquer strategy has worked brilliantly for Obama.

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