Crowder Is Louder – And Effective

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil – or as I refer to them ABC, CBS and NBC – rule the airwaves now. As soon as George W. Bush left the inauguration stage in 2009, you probably detected it. The news they report suddenly didn’t seem so bad. You just didn’t hear about the problems of the war on terror, bad unemployment numbers, mounting debt, high gas prices. Once Obama entered the Oval Office the future, we were told, would be brighter. Something about the ocean levels decreasing, the air getting purer, etc.

The Tea Party raised some objections and the three monkey media, along with their paper chimp helpers, succeeded in showing America these were bad people. Andrew Breitbart came along and called attention to the bad things that were happening and then mysteriously dropped dead. Another one silenced.

This week conservative rebel Steven Crowder, dared to complain when union thugs beat him up protesting Michigan’s passage of a right to work law. Crowder, an undeterred spiritual son of Breitbart, decided he’d fight back another way – through talk.

Even though the networks and cable news except for Fox skipped any reporting of the attack, Crowder has soldiered on. He immediately appeared on radio shows and Fox News program. I’ve seen him on just about everyone they have. When he does he invites listeners to follow him on Twitter or to look at his website.

You might think this is overkill, but it is the exact right thing to do. It’s what we Republicans need to do. We need to step up our visibility. We need to shout about the issues. We need to amp up the volume. Even when we think it’s too much, it isn’t. The Democrats grab the spotlight and the internet tools and run with them. No matter how dumb we think their ideas are, they find people accepting it after having it drummed in their heads repeatedly.

Crowder is onto something. When he appears with opponents he doesn’t back down. He charges. He challenges. He makes his point. Would that John Boehner, Bill Haslam, Eric Cantor and all of our Senators would give it a try!

What we did before did not work. It won’t work any better in the near future. Let’s change tactics and start making some noise.

It won’t hurt. I bet most Americans would respond favorably to someone championing their cause.

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