Let’s Declare War!

Elephants are intelligent and sensitive animals with good dispositions. But don’t threaten them. They will stampede and smash the opposition if their offspring are in danger or if someone strikes at them.

Our party has a similar temperament.

Now we are threatened, our future citizens in danger and Democrats are working hard to make us extinct. It’s time for us to respond. We should roar and stampede.

First we need to declare war. Not on the Democrats per se. We need to give them a taste of their own medicine. In the just completed campaign season the Democrats declared we had a war on women. Stupid as it sounded – we have more women in political office than they do – it worked. They won. The succeeded in convincing people that the GOP is heartless and actually working against women.

Most of us dismissed it when Democrat after Democrat and media person after media person parroted this ridiculous idea. Surely, we thought, Americans were smart enough to see how preposterous this was. We were wrong. We lost.

Time to try a little of this tactic ourselves.

If anyone is at war it is the Democrats. They are at war with what America stands for and has been. They are trying to tear down every institution we have. Let’s be honest and declare that they have a war against America. If you prefer, a war against the Constitution. That’s true, too.

I’d like to see every Republican repeating this phrase of “a war on America.” I’d like it to pop up every time a Republican politician is being interviewed. I’d like them to take every news event that happens and pin the blame for it on the Democrats’ war on America.

The fiscal cliff, for example, should be framed as the Dems bent on destroying our classless society. They are working against the founding belief that allows anyone who is willing to work hard to get to the top. They don’t want anyone at the top except themselves.

I’d like Republicans to ask what’s wrong with making money? If money is so bad, why does the government want it so badly?

I’d like to hear them talk about the war on America as it pertains to our incredible debt. What does it mean to owe China so much money? Doesn’t it mean they own a lot of us and thus control the future of our country?

I’d like to know why they are warring on the American idea of excellence and exceptionalism. Why do they want to lower our standards in health care, the military, entrepreneurship? Why do they want us dependent on other nations and their resources?

Why is there a war on America using its own energy resources? Why do the Dems want to deprive old people of heat because of high energy costs or of transportation because gas is high.

Why is there a war on our citizens overseas? How can they be killed at an embassy without the president even raising a protest? Instead, he blames another American for it and condemns our American value of free speech.

Then after we get through with our war on America theme, let’s turn our anger to the media? Why do they misshape everything we believe and say?

This shouldn’t be hard because the bias is so obvious. Someone just needs to step up and shout about it. The American public would probably shout in agreement. Our media sinks lower in public esteem everyday.

The elephants are riled, but need to start acting. Maybe it takes a mahout. We certainly have good people in our party.

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