Outrage of the Day

Michelle Obama is today’s winner of the outrage. I consider she and her husband are on the same wavelength, politically speaking.

White House Dossier blog reports that the First Lady believes Republicans are liars and conducted voter fraud in the Nov. 6 reelection of her husband.

First Lady Michelle Obama Thursday suggested Republicans are engaged in rampant lying as they debate the issues with President Obama.

“People have to stay focused on what’s going on, because it’s easy to get confused in all the back and forth that goes on, and there’s a whole lot of not-truth telling going on, if you know what I mean,” Michelle said during a radio appearance on the The Tom Joyner Show.

Mrs. Obama also charged that voter suppression during the 2012 election was widespread.

Michelle said Republicans sought to win the election by spending “unprecedented amounts of money,” running negative advertising, and committing voter suppression.

“Voter suppression was in full force in so many states all over this country,” Mrs. Obama said.

The suggestion that Obama’s opponents are liars picks right up where the Obama campaign left off. Following Obama’s defeat in the first presidential debate, the Obama campaign branded Gov. Mitt Romney a liar and made the allegation a central part of its campaign.

Meanwhile, Democrats, including Attorney General Eric Holder, made alleged voter suppression a major issue the campaign.

Michelle’s comments suggest that, with the election over, she may be less concerned about her image, which was remade after the 2008 campaign from that of a harder edged woman who said she hadn’t been proud of her country into an embraceable first lady who cares deeply about veterans and kids’ waist lines.

Michelle warned Joyner’s African American listeners that they can’t “go back to sleep,” saying four years is “not a lot of time” to act on priorities like the environment, comprehensive immigration reform, and education.

“We are nowhere near finished,” she said.

Lovely. Can you imagine Laura Bush talking this way? It is divisive to say the least.

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