Why Are Young Men Doing Terrible Things?

What most of these mass killings like yesterday’s slaughter in Newtown, CT., have in common is they are done by white males in their 20s who must be suffering from some kind of severe mental illness.

Before we start going after the Second Amendment, something the Democrats have always lusted to take away, we need to look at other factors. Notice how many Democrat politicians ran to the microphone asking for gun control. Mayor Bloomberg of New York City and our own Mayor A.C. Wharton wasted no time in tragedies to ask for it. Interesting, isn’t it, that the most recent slayings have occurred in blue states: Connecticut, Oregon, Colorado, Virginia. (The killing of a police officer in Memphis yesterday happened in Tennessee’s bluest county.) Puts to rest the idea of gun totin’, gun crazed redneck Southerners or ignorant red state residents bent on violence.

President Obama said in his speech yesterday “we’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.” That’s a contradictory sentence. “Meaningful action” can’t occur without politics. It illustrates his determination to take away guns.

Maybe they should take a look at the culture in the U.S. that nurtures people like Jared Loughner who shot Gabby Giffords; James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooter; and the 22 year old Portland, Oregon, mall shooter whose deeds this week have been overshadowed by 20-year-old Adam Lanza’s kindergarten killings.

Their insanities suggest they would have used knives or bombs to do their work even if guns weren’t available. Some kind of evil was pressing them to do these things. Some find comfort in calling it mental illness, but that may be the easy way out.

Some of these killers have been victims of parental divorce. If you ever watch the show about addiction, “Intervention,” it is a common thread that the messed up kids experienced the tumult of their parents getting a divorce.

Maybe that prompts them to have their own liberal war on women. Lanza seems to have shot his mom first, followed by the female principal, teachers and staff. Loughner went after Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, too. Perhaps the Democrats’ war on women via abortion has fostered anger in them.

Or, the Democrats’ war on Christianity has blossomed, too. A group that pushed God out of their convention platform leaves citizens with the idea that God and faith are not needed in today’s world. If you think there is no source of help available you are at risk for despair. Americans used to understand that God must be part of our lives before any happiness can occur. Perhaps these young men bought into the liberal playbook. If you have no fear of hell, why not show your anger and kill innocents?

The part of American culture that needs examination is the culture of government replacing God that Democrats love so much. It’s their culture that puts fear into our lives so that Americans lose their values of self reliance and become dependent on a capricious group of politicians and bureaucrats. The idea that you have no control over your own life leads to instability and rash acts.

In addition, mental illness institutions have been eviscerated. c4Yourcountry.org. has information on how liberals have corrupted our ideas on mental health – to our detriment:

It is actually very hard to force people with severe mental diseases to be treated because of a range of reforms pushed by progressives starting in the 60s:

Ronald David Laing, a Scottish Psychiatrist, In the 60s put forth the foundation of the Anti-Psychiatry movement. He maintained that schizophrenia was “a theory not a fact”. The popularity of Laing’s theories is blamed for decline in students entering the psychology profession.
President John F. Kennedy’s 1963 Community Mental Health Centers Act accelerated the trend toward deinstitutionalisation with the establishment of a network of community mental health centers and changes in laws regarding commitment.
Kenneth Kesey, wrote “One Flew over the Cukoo’s Nest” based in part on Laing’s thinking (and his own intensive use of drugs). “Kesey did not believe that these patients were insane, rather that society had pushed them out because they did not fit the conventional ideas of how people were supposed to act and behave.” The Book play, and later the movie, portrayed an anti-psychiatry philosophy leading to a public displeasure with residential mental facilities resulting in further deinstitutionalisation policies.
Deinstitutionalisation led to many legal and structural changes. American public mental hospital patients declined from more than 550,000 in 1955 to fewer than 40,000 at present. The displaced patients now represent 30-50% of the homeless populations.

As a result of Laing, Kennedy, Kesey and public efforts to transform the mental health care system to be more humane, to characterize mentally ill people as “just thinking differently,” and characterizing mental health care as some form of evil, we now have a system that makes it virtually impossible to get folks like Loughner the care they need.

Deinstitutionalization policies driven by “do good” liberals and the federal government put focus on limited bad acts. Kesey wrote a story based on his LSD induced observations in one VA mental hospital. Once his story was put into film, his small example falsely characterized the bulk of mental health care as dehumanizing and made it impossible to force the Laughners of the world to get treatment.

Americans must resist a knee jerk response to this incident. For one, we don’t even have all the facts yet. The media has screwed up this story, rushing to tell us details before they are even confirmed. They gave conflicting accounts on Lanza’s parents, on where he lived, on the number of casualties. Best let cool facts be found before a rush to judgment.

Taking away guns is the dream of liberal fascists who just want an unarmed populace to rule. Don’t fall into that trap. The real problems are much deeper than that. It will take years of undoing our culture, plus a plea for God’s mercy to turn this country around.

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