Questions for a Nation

An unusual blog I sometimes look at had some rather pointed and true remarks to make about our country. The blog is called Lame Cherry. He/she throws out some ideas for consideration:

“That is the problem in America in most American love evil. They reside in it, live it and abide in it as they just have no reason to behave.

Look at that Obama hurricane in how much God exposed Americans in their love of evil. The east coast sinners in mass, did not turn to God. No they turned to Chris Christie and praised him for walking on a beach with B. Hussein messiah Obama. See when you do not have to be good, but still get everything taken care of by a government replacing God, then there is no reason to deal with God for things.

That is what Obamacrat NeoProgs have instilled in all. It is not Obama Claus, but a reality that Obama has now for a generation trained Americans to not punish misbehavior and when bad things happen, Americans do not have to soul search or stop for a moment to ask how bad things are.

No FEMA is there, Obama does a jet in, Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo do sound bytes of god like care, and the people all pat themselves on the back in how wonderful they are, because things got better and it was all without God……..the God Who would make them not put themselves first, not allow them to rape, steal and murder in all forms.

Yes it is a perfect satan system when fear is taken out of the picture, because then only foolishness remains and no brat is taught anything…

It does not take long nor require much time to point out the disgust which America is, as it consoles itself that it donates money to the poor and the poor enable the feudal lords for their scraps of money. There are no grey areas in this. It is black and white. It is evil and good. It is numerous recordings of a sinful people and a sinful nation, conducting nationally endorsed sins, and the reality is all of this will be in the Judge’s Balance, Judged according to God’s Righteousness and no one will stand alone on this on their “good works”. The majority of Americans though have replaced God with Obama and Jesus’ Kingdom with the feudal Obama state…

Christmas in the manager was no ROOM FOR CHRIST IN THE WORLD. There is no room for Christ in this world again, and this time it will not be Jesus put to death, but the sinners when this degrades to Armageddon…

Americans are not going to repent as they are immune to the winter cold and protected from thirst in summer. They are fed and sheltered whether they are good or bad. They have no reason to obey the Law when they are rewarded for disobedience in getting rid of Christ.”

Maybe this is why religion has declined so much in our country. It is not the country our forefathers started, nor the one we grew up in. Even the least faithful among us would have to agree that life has become uglier in the past three decades. And we wonder why things like Sandy Hook school murders take place.

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