How to Survive Now

I started reading a post at Ace of Spades today and when he started the blog with “Do you feel like you’re living in a nightmare right now?” it was almost like he was reading my mind. Yours, too, most probably.

Then he went on to say:

“Most of us thought that all we had to do was get to the beginning of the New Year and we’d finally see the end of the most treacherous and destructive presidency of our lifetimes.

And yet here we are in this unthinkable place, wondering how in the hell we got here—how our friends and neighbors could betray us this way … how such a fiercely proud, prosperous and inherently decent nation could become so mean, petty and small.”

Absolutely. My sentiments exactly.

His piece, “Where Do We Go From Here?” is just the thing I needed and probably you need to read right now.

Here’s some more:

I am not here to analyze this past election. I admit I don’t have the answers. I don’t relate to or understand an electorate that willingly loots from its fellow countrymen and, when that isn’t enough to satisfy its insatiably greed and snotty, self-righteous entitlement, smashes open the piggy banks of future generations and helps itself to the spoils.

Here’s what I do know: Economic calamity is inevitable. This past election was our last dim hope of avoiding it. We failed. The moment has slipped our grasp and with it the die is cast.

I don’t know how these next few years will unfold. One thing I am certain of: they will test our individual character greatly.

Are you scared yet? Don’t be. Many of us will arrive on the other side of this mess happier and more spiritually content than we’d ever imagined. Because this moment is an opportunity for those who see it in the correct light.

Here’s something I want you to internalize: All that anger, turmoil and hopelessness you’re experiencing comes from a feeling of helplessness.

But that’s all it is—a feeling. You’re not helpless at all. You only think you are.

Here’s how I know:

Winners win.

It’s a long piece so you’ll want to go and read it all yourself. Go to www. to read the whole thing.

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