MTR Person of the Year

For Time Magazine, the Man of the Year was Barack Hussein Obama.

So much for the vaunted emphasis on women, eh? There had been talk it would be “I can’t pay $9 a month for my own contraceptives” law student Sandra Fluke, but Time seems to have engaged in its own “war on women.” That extended to women overseas since talk of the young Pakistani girl shot trying to go to school, was defeated at the Time editorial board meeting, too. So much for the Arab spring and the election of Morsi in Egypt, which so many viewed as progress. So much for the Higgs Boson, another contender, which lost out, too. That universe stuff is boring anyhow.

But was there really any doubt who it would be? Like the election, the fix was probably in on January 1, 2012. Time, the now defunct Newsweek, the New York Times, the TV networks have a love affair with Obama. Had he been the shooter in Newtown, CT., they probably would even have excused that for him.

Which brings me to the person who should have received the title. Let’s give it to the group behind Barack Obama. The ones who made him possible. The ones who came out for him and pushed him back into the Oval Office. I am speaking, of course, of the Morons.

Moron is a non discriminatory title. Morons come in all areas of the American electorate. They can be male, female (this segment has seen some growth in the past five years), white, black, Hispanic, old or young. They tend, however, to hang out in urban areas. It’s easier for them there. It’s a short trip to whatever government office they need to go to for any kind of check the government might find for them, via transportation for them funded by other Americans.

They are not independents, nor Republicans. They are Democrats or liberals. Grouped as they are in packs of their own in cities, it’s easier for the Democrat party to keep in touch and remind them it’s time to go vote. (Otherwise most of them barely know what day it is, much less which month.)

Most of the time they are not highly educated people, although Morons have been known to hang out at college campuses, even behind the podium at the higher priced educational institutions. Here they tend to be either older or twenty somethings.

Don’t suppose, though, that any of them have much common sense or experience in life whether it be through a job or practical knowledge. Question most of them and they probably don’t even know which state they reside in, much less who their representative or senator is. Not much need to know that; it clogs up brain passageways needed to watch American Idol, Ellen Degeneres or the View.

Few Morons took the time to watch the presidential debates. Evidently those who did, Politico reveals, liked the way Obama handled himself in the first debate. He acted as bored as they felt, hence they found a friend with whom they could relate.

When the Democrats threw out God at their convention, Morons nodded in agreement. God and the religion stuff get in the way of a good time. He’d be OK if it wasn’t for all those rules!

Women morons reacted strongly to the idea that Republicans would stop their contraceptives. Stupid as it sounded to rational people, it came across on the right wavelength for moron comprehension. Most of their thinking takes place in the crotch anyhow.

Morons realized that Obama was one of them and he would protect them. None of the troubling ideas about work or jobs came from his mouth. He reassured them that rich people “didn’t build” what they had, therefore morons deserved a piece of the pie as well. Romney was the antithesis of moron. He works hard, saves his money, raises a big family, goes to church, speaks well.

As for that business about U.S. debt, few of them have an idea of what a million is much less a billion. Billion, trillion, smillion, it’s all the same to them. The only contact they have with higher amounts of money is buying a ticket for a lottery of $100 million or more. Poor saps don’t even realize that winning that would not be what they received. Uncle Sam would take a chunk out of it, even though they might have been poor before. Good luck trying to talk about spending and debt among this group.

So after careful nurturing, the Moron block emerged as the winner in the 2012 election. We are now officially Moron Nation. Congratulations, President Obama. You have indeed fundamentally changed the United States of America.

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