How About Making Early Later?

The Washington Examiner reports this interesting idea:

In a bid to get voters focused on the critical post-presidential debate period of national campaigns, a leading political advisor is pushing to scale back early voting to just the last four days of the election.

“People really shouldn’t be voting until the debates are finished. We should concentrate on the campaign and the choice until then,” said Larry Sabato, who heads the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. “Once the debates are over, we can move to the voting phase. We might as well make universal the current practice in states such as Ohio for three or four days of voting–but then insist that all counting and certifying be complete, barring recounts, within a couple of weeks,” he told Secrets.

Other suggestions from Sabato: Email voting for soldiers overseas; federal election standards and deadlines; no fault absentee voting where people don’t have to provide an excuse; and printouts from electronic voting machines so voters can see their choice was accurate.

Not sure about the email voting; that could breed fraud pretty quickly. However, as much as I dislike Larry Sabato, he is correct about the disaster known as early voting.

Why we have embraced it I do not know. For Republicans, it is harmful as Democrats have so much more time to round up anyone with breath to go vote for them. There are always late breaking developments that impact an election. If you’ve already voted, you may find yourself working against your values. If someone dies, your vote is negated.

We spend a lot of money funding workers for early voting, too. The amount of time that passes also introduces the opportunity for fraud with ballots cast.

Republicans keep losing national elections with this ploy. Yet we insist on keeping it. Why?

Time to dump this gift to Democrats.

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