Whiners, Jivin’ and Dives

Last night President Obama took to the airwaves at 4:45 CT to warn about the fiscal cliff. He had met with members of Congress about acting and came out with his little statement scaring “middle class” Americans about the results of inaction.

It was, of course, nothing more than a photo op for him; a photo op that the networks gladly stopped everything to give him.

To those who think that Congress must compromise and opine about a dysfunctional government, I ask where is Obama’s compromise? Last night he went back to his original mantra of upping the taxes of people who make more than $250,000 without yielding at all on spending cuts. It’s my way or the highway with him. That path, by the way, is the highway to economic hell.

Which, also by the way, is exactly what Obama wants for this nation. The gleam he gets in his eye about taxing rich people is spite oozing out of his socialist brain. Hot Air reports:

Oh, and contrary to this morning’s expectations, Obama reportedly did not plan to float a new offer at the meeting. His strategy was to ask Boehner, McConnell, Reid, and Pelosi for a viable counterproposal and, if none was offered, to then request an up-or-down vote on his old offer of tax hikes on earners who make $250,000 or more. Which makes sense: As I’ve explained ad nauseum, he really has no incentive to compromise before January 1. He’s now basically daring Boehner to let the GOP caucus vote down his plan before Tuesday — the “Obama middle-class tax cuts,” as I assume he’ll now be calling it — and then let the media go to work on them if they do. And if they don’t, if he gets 30 Republicans to cave and join Democrats in passing this thing, then he’ll have furthered his secondary goal of driving a wedge in the House GOP caucus.

Key bit from O’s presser: He’ll let Reid and McConnell try to reach a deal on the income threshold for tax hikes, but if they can’t then he wants Reid to bring the Obama plan for tax increases on everyone who makes $250K or more up for a vote. That’s a win/win/win situation for him potentially if it comes to that. Could be that he’ll get enough panicky Republican votes in both chambers to actually pass the thing at the last minute. Could be that Senate Republicans will filibuster it, in which case he gets to blame the GOP. Or it could be that the Senate will pass it with Republican votes and then the House GOP will kill it, in which case he gets to blame the GOP and tout the fact that those darned “tea-party radicals” wouldn’t approve a bill that even Senate Republicans voted for.

Per that last point, the real angle here, I think, is to use the Senate as leverage against the House. If O’s bill (or the Reid/McConnell bill) passes the upper chamber, it’ll place all the pressure of avoiding the cliff on the House and give Republican fence sitters there some bipartisan cover to vote for it.

Obama doesn’t care a whit about the welfare of the country. He cares about absolute power and destroying the GOP. Shortly after his appearance, news broke that he will be the sole guest on Meet the Press Sunday. David Gregory will fall all over himself worshiping at the altar of Obama. Forget fairness. Any Republican who appears anywhere Sunday will be fodder for the liberal media wood chipper.

It’s perplexing why the GOP leadership has not found its way out of this Gordion knot. The country is unraveling and our party seems to sit by too stunned to stop it.

This is Obama’s opening salvo for his second term. Why are we letting him win it?

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