Most Powerful Man in the World?

George Soros
George Soros

It’s probably not Barack Obama, but George Soros.

Quick, how much do you really know about him? Maybe springs to mind. Or the Center for American Progress. Lots of us have heard of the Tides Foundation and maybe some of the Democracy Alliance. A few may recognize the Open Society Institute. He has been a major founder or contributor to all of these and probably more.

But he remains a shadowy figure to most Americans and the press certainly hasn’t done anything to fill us in on him.

“Covering up for George Soros” by Ed Lasky in the raises some more questions about him.

Lasky takes note of Soros’ huge investments in the Brazilian oil company Petrobras. Is this why the Louisiana oil drillers were shut down? Did Soros “position himself to make millions with it just before Barack Obama pushed for billions in loans to Petrobras,” Lasky queries.

What about the connection between the Obama administration and the green movement, of which Soros is a big backer? In October of 2009 Soros said he would invest at least a billion in clean energy. Is that why Obama is pushing it?

Lasky also wonders if this explains Obama’s desire to stop the coal and shale industries so that Soros’ natural gas reserves investment in New Guinea and other places profit. Does it suggest that the cap and trade proposals pushed by the president also benefit the INCR group that has $9 trillion in global warming investments? The UN recently appointed  Soros to a special global warming post a few months ago. I guess it’s good to have some control from the inside.

Others also note that Soros is one of the biggest hedge fund titans. He made billions in ’08 over the housing collapse, then made billions more as the Democrats bailed out Wall Street. Has Obama gone after the hedge funds he once raged against? Not substantively.

I have other questions, too.

What is Soros’ real background. As a Hungarian Jew during World War II, he survived supposedly by ratting others out. Was he a Nazi collaborator as has been rumored?  Does this explain why he takes a stand against Israel?

Where did he first meet Obama? Did he seek him out or was it the other way around? And when did they first get together? Was it the late ’90s or 2004?

Soros was twice convicted of stock fraud,  once in France and then in Hungary. Why is he free?

Did Soros rake in billions by short selling the British pound sterling, contributing to their economic malaise in the late ’90s? How did he get away with it? Is he currently doing it to the dollar? Why did he recently pull out about $20 billion from our stock market? Is he manipulating it? What about the stock dip in September/October of 2008? Did he have a role in it? Seems odd that right after the Republican convention when John McCain-Sarah Palin took the lead in the polls, this crisis arose. It has never smelled right to me.

The recent Journolist revelation wherein media people coordinated their attacks on McCain and covered up for Obama also has a scent of Soros in it. Does he have major media people on his payroll? Media Matters, another Soros funded group, certainly coordinates ideas on the left.

What about the plan to elect Democrat Secretaries of State in 2006? Wasn’t he one of the financial planners of this political strategy? Seems to tie in with the later Franken “victory” in the disputed Minnesota election. Incumbent Senator Norm Coleman may have gotten too close to truth in his Oil for Food U.N. inquiries.

Are we inching towards acceptance of marijuana and other drugs in state legislatures in conjunction with Soros’ belief in no illegal drugs?

There are so many things we do not know about this man. The only one who seems to look into it is Glenn Beck. He doesn’t seem to have enough chalkboards to cover it, though.

Why hasn’t Fox done an hour long special on Soros? He is mentioned from time to time on O’Reilly, but no connect the dots expose by him or Sean Hannity. Is something keeping them and other conservative media from it?

Maybe Dr. Evil wasn’t a figment of Mike Meyers in “Austin Powers.” Something is very odd here.

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