Not Just a Republican Problem

Everyone and his brother likes to talk about the need for the GOP to attract more young people, more unmarried women, more blacks and Hispanics. Breast beating is a favorite past time of pundits on TV and radio airwaves. Liberals, in particular, relish the idea that their diversity outshines the GOP.

Recently I got an unexpected peek into what we’re up against. It’s not just the GOP’s problem. Some of the very people who are pointing the finger at Republicans should look and see another fingeris pointing back at them.

I happened upon the facebook rantings of a young person I know. She had gone to Catholic high school with my daughter. Blond, blue eyed and pleasant, you would assume she’s your typical young American. Perhaps she is. It’s not the typical American of our youth, however.

She appears to have married an Islamic person and carries his last name of Mohammad. Traditional religion clergy did you see that coming? What does it mean for the future of Christian churches in America when someone brought up in that faith so easily ditches it for either nothing or a new one?

After the Sandy Hook shootings young Mrs. M criticized Mike Huckabee for suggesting the exile of God from American life and schools could have contributed to this outrage. She comments, “Shame on you, Mike. That’s not piety, that’s opportunism.” Her outrage continued: “Leave it to a rightwing nut job from Fox News to focus on ideological certainty rather than pesky things like facts, information and events. AND he’s blaming the shootings on abortion pills, iPhones, and homosexuals. W.T.F. mate?”

Perhaps the very media types who criticize Republicans might want to take a look at how they are perceived as well.

Her facebook page is plastered with model type pictures of herself. The narcissism of youth has exploded in the past two decades. So has the idea of role models. A poster of women role models – all of them sexy – reads “F— Barbie. I’m buying my daughter a ray gun.” Is that the compassionate woman of tomorrow? Is that the kind of person to bring up Constitution understanding, freedom loving new Americans? Seems scary.

There is also the ubiquitous COEXIST sign that users seem to think puts them on a higher level of tolerance than the rest of us. Anyone who opposes gay marriage earns her ire, too.

How do we fight this big culture change? It’s not just a Republican problem. The past 40 years have been used to persistently change young people through schools, movies, TV and books. What past generations took pride in is now grist for their contempt. How does a nation survive with this much against us?

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