A Breit Star Forgotten?

As the year wraps up and we are subjected to the inevitable list of celebrities, politicians and famous people who died in 2012, one name seems absent.

Even among conservative blogs and shows, Andrew Breitbart has not gotten the attention he should. He died in March, so perhaps Americans’ ADD is just too prevalent to remember him. His contribution to conservatism can’t be overestimated and if he had lived, he probably would have had an impact on the presidential elections.

Breitbart had that rare combination of understanding of popular culture without being engulfed in it. He knew our history, understood the Constitution and never let that lodestar out of his sights. He also had that rare combination of humor and message that we so sorely lack in the GOP.

I was lucky enough to hear him address the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans a few years ago. When he took the podium he was immediately in command and held everyone’s attention. I remember wishing he would go on and on instead of leaving the stage. I wanted to hear more. Others did, too.

Would that some of our Republican leadership had the backbone Breitbart had! He didn’t flee from a fight; he entered the fray 110%. He didn’t back down when he got there either. He didn’t get sucked into the glamor of celebrity as so many do. His autobiography details a TV appearance he had made on Bill Maher’s show. Sitting in the green room, being pampered and praised Brietbart said when he got onstage he wimped out. He let Maher take over. He never made that mistake again. What a rarity!

Had Breitbart been around for the presidential election the results might have been different. He knew how vital it is to connect with voters, something Mitt Romney didn’t do. He could have helped him. Breitbart knew, also, that the truth about Barack Obama must come out for there to be victory. He claimed to have some damaging information on O, but died before he could share. Coincidence? When his followers took over the website they vowed to put this out front, but either they lapsed or downplayed it because nothing earth shaking appeared.

Adam Carolla has posted an interview with him on his website as a tribute. You can find it at http://adamcarolla.com/andrew-breitbart/. Perhaps Dennis Miller will remember him as well. Others need to, too.

Someone as gifted as Andrew Breitbart doesn’t come along very often.

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