Another Obama Outrage

This one is a little delayed because of Christmas holidays, but it needs attention anyhow.

Keith Koffler at White House Dossier points out:

The White House Thursday botched a written statement honoring the 1991 Gulf War hero General Norman Schwarzkopf, having to upgrade it from a “statement by the press secretary” to one by the president.

Schwarzkopf died Thursday in Tampa at the age of 78.

While the nation and the Schwarzkopf family were surely gratified to have Jay Carney honor General Schwarzkopf on their behalf, someone in the White House with a decent sense of history – or just a decent sense of propriety – must have belatedly realized that the man who cleared Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait and gave the United States victory in war deserved a mention by the president.

Was it an error or purposeful? Given Obama’s scorn of the military, it was probably an intentional slight. Our president gets a kick out of doing spiteful things like this.

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