Liberal of the Day

Philip Terzian, a literary editor at the Weekly Standard, has come up with a liberal of the day profile on facebook. Good idea! We need to know the people who are ruining our country.

Today’s pick is

Jay Weaver of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He was a professor of mathematics at Millersville University from 1959 to 1988, and is now retired. He belongs to the groups “I Am Proud of My President,” “Left Action” and “Democrats.”
Jay says “Republicans see and hear evil everywhere. Then they leave it to people like Rush Limbaugh to speak the evil.” Jay was a conscientious objector during the Korean War and believes America’s role in World War II was not justified.
He thinks the GOP is evil but Jay looks the other way when confronted with the Holocaust, genocide, ethnic cleansing, rape camps and massive human rights violations.
This afternoon he wrote on our Wall: “I am an old man, but in my draft age years, I registered as a conscientious objector. It is a moot question for me now, but I cannot in good conscience recite the pledge of allegiance. I cannot pick up a gun and defend any country.”
We are glad Jay has enjoyed the many freedoms others have fought for.

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