An Interesting Take on the Fiscal Cliff Deal

Our side feels Boehner did not do a good job on this fiscal cliff solution. We see that he raised taxes on some of us without getting much in spending cuts. A one dollar cut in spending for every $41 in revenue seems like a bad deal.

But others think Reid and the Democrats lost ground.

Will Cain of TheBlaze explains:

Biden and the White House accepted McConnell’s invitation – doing an end-run around Reid – and negotiated a deal with Republicans. One version of the deal, according to Politico, Reid loved so much he “crumpled up the document and tossed it into the burning fireplace of his Capitol office.” Reid described it as a bad deal that would increase Republican leverage in future budget fights.

I think Reid was right.

Many conservatives are going to look at the fiscal cliff deal and see an agreement to raise taxes with no commitment to reduce spending. But I can’t see how that sentence adds up to a win for Democrats.

For years, in every debate about spending cuts – whether centered around the debt ceiling, a government shutdown, or an election – Democrats have responded to demands for spending cuts with calls for raising taxes on the “rich.”

But that tactic is now gone. The Democrats mustered all the political capital and power they had and spent it on raising taxes on 1 percent of the population. Consider that chip, leverage, rhetorical trick spent.

So now, what will Democrats do, what will Democrats say, when Republicans demand spending cuts? In the next two months there will be big fights over the debt ceiling (I’m opposed to using it as leverage – I’ll write more about that later), over a government shutdown, and over the delayed sequester. I’m sure the Democrats will say we need to cut some tax loopholes on the rich and they will focus on defense spending, but none of it has the political power of raising rates on the “rich”.

So how will they run from spending cuts now? Harry Reid may not be popular, but he was right, and I don’t see how Democrats won this fight.

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