MSNBC’s Wishful Thinking

Just because something is shown or said on a TV network or in a newspaper or on the internet doesn’t mean it is true.

Take, for example, this video that appeared on MSNBC. They showed the Democrats holding the majority in the House with 233 members to GOP’s 200 members. It is, in fact, the opposite.

Host Alex Witt did correct the error, but as Mediaite’s Noah Rothman puts it, “Mistakes happen, but given the cable news network’s editorial bent, it is hard not to see a little willful self-deception in the graphic they aired. Or, perhaps, a few producers are still recovering from a particularly jolly holiday season.”

In today’s media environment, it is necessary to question everything that comes your way. Does it make sense? Is there proof? Do other sources verify it? The media is all about hysteria and obfuscation. Question, question and then question some more before you believe anything.

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