Rome on the Potomac

If you need any more examples of how our country is drifting from a republic to tyranny, you are probably not paying attention.

Obama is taking more and more power away from the people via his executive orders and by dividing our classless society into plebians and patricians. He is centralizing government and putting it all in D.C. Our courts have taken away the rights of states to function as they see fit. We have lost control over our own health care. In our own homes we are told what kind of bulbs we can put in our lamps. Drones watch our comings and goings. Is there anything this imperial government hasn’t touched?

Even so, another ominous sign is visible. Have you noticed the emphasis on competition in our television selections? It’s as if Americans, frustrated by the lack of control in their own lives, have an outlet for their feelings in these competition shows. We seem to enjoy the spectacle, evaluating it and finding our favorites, then giving a thumbs up or thumbs down.

We used to be satisfied with sports as an outlet for our energies. But that need has spread everywhere. There are survival competitions, weight loss competitions, singing and dancing competitions, fashion competitions, restaurant competitions, movie competitions even cooking competitions. Now we are even competing for dogs. Trainer Cesar Millan has a show in which three families compete for a rescue dog. Could it get any crazier

Watching TV is like being in the Roman coliseum. Should this American go down? Should another be granted a prize because people like him or her? Why the need to judge? Aren’t we told – daily – that judging is prejudicial? Where is the belief that competing against yourself is the ultimate achievement? Why are we pit one against another? Is this how Democrats war?

It’s disturbing and likely to get worse.

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